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The Hebrew Calendar consists of 12 months in a non-leap year and 13 months in a leap year. According to the Book of Exodus, each month was referenced by a number from 1 to 12 (i.e. first month, second month, third month, etc). However, sometime during the Babylonian Exile each month became associated with a Babylonian name. [1]

Calendar Comparison Table

Number Babylonian Name Gregorian Equivalent
1 Nisan March-April
2 Iyar April-May
3 Sivan May-June
4 Tammuz June-July
5 Av July-August
6 Elul August-September
7 Tishri September-October
8 Cheshvan October-November
9 Kislev November-December
10 Tevet December-January
11 Shevat January-February
12 Adar or Adar I (leap years) February-March
13 Adar II (leap years)

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