Gold Standard

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"The political organizations of the world have suffered decline and embarrassment and frustrations; countries have gone off of their gold standards and faced economic ruin while other world renown governments have been stubbornly resisted by small insignificant countries in armed conflict. Political heads of governments have stepped down from their high posts in disdain or been ousted or assassinated, and civil strife in the streets, and on the campuses of Universities is rampant, with no one having any answers as to why these things should be or as to the ultimate end of these upheavals. Nations have armed themselves to the teeth with devastating and destructive nuclear weapons, and are nervously watching one another in order to be the first to push the button to release these terrible instruments of war for they fully realize that the one that strikes first would have a decided advantage. So, we all sit like ducks on a dry powder keg awaiting the inevitable spark that will blow us all into total oblivion." ~ Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley, 1969 Preface of Elohim the Archetype (Original) Pattern of the Universe