Isaiah 63: Who is this that Cometh from Edom

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Lecture given by Henry Clifford Kinley

Springfield, Ohio (1974)

DR. KINLEY: [Couple of Statements Inaudible] . . . I wanted [to] call your attention to some things this morning about the simplicity of this teaching and the reality of it, and the colossal stupidity and ignorance of the people on the earth plane. Now the honest truth about it, you don't have no excuse for your ignorance. Now you may think that you do, but you're just simply wrong. You may think that I don't know what I'm talking about, but I do. You might say, Well, I heard others speak and they say this and they say that and they say the other. Yes, anybody can read the Bible. Just anybody can read a Bible, but in and everybody can understand it. The Bible was written by Divine inspiration, and that's what it takes to understand it and it's reality. For example, you yourself, you're made in the likeness and image of Elohim. The word Elohim, see is translated God in your Bible. You're made in His likeness and in His image. Now listen close. Yahweh made everything that He made in this universe including you, animal, vegatable, and everything else, to abolish your excuse for ignorance. I would like for you to read just what I just said which we call our theme song. Now I'm gonna see where you're gonna read.

AUDIENCE: [Laughter]

READER: Because that which may be known of . . .

DR. KINLEY: Now where are you reading?

STUDENTS: Romans 1:19-20.

DR. KINLEY: See, now Romans 1:19-20. Now listen! See this, to know . . . Now Yahweh made it possible for you to know. That's the reason why He's not gonna accept no excuse! See cause it ain't gone do you no good to go up there and say Well if I had known you were coming, I'd of baked a cake. Now none of that [inaudible]. And it don't make no difference what color you are, how old you are, how far in school you went -- whatever your excuses or alibis are, He's not going to accept it. And then another thing too about that. Now I want you to pay 'tention to what I'm talking about, see, and hear them. And before I get down I'll tell you some things that possibly will surprise you. Now, for that which may be known of Yahweh . . .

READER: For that which may be known of Yahweh . . .

DR. KINLEY: Now listen it's possible to know. If you wasn't so stubborn, and I wasn't so stupid, see it possible to us to know. But you have to do what He said do -- which the devil is not going to do. Now He had to make Himself, and you, an opponent and an adversary -- He had to do the job Himself. And when Dr. Ophelia was talking about Daniel, The devil was wiser than Daniel. Do you know that? If you wanna read it, I'll read it in the Book. See, you say Daniel was a prophet and prophesied by the Holy Spirit. That's right. Then I heard them read there in Isaiah about Yahshua the Messiah, see, and how He looked. He was not a comely man. In other words, He was not a good looking man, see, and nothing to be desired in the flesh. People didn't pay no attention to Him, they overlooked Him, see. They didn't know Him when they saw Him. They didn't realize then, and they don't realize now that He was Yahweh manifested in the flesh! But it is possible to know.

Now I remember, I think it was Friday, and Dr. Heath brought (Dr. Larry Heath) brought a man down to Beaver Lake and I was sitting down there fishing. And the man said, (he worked with Larry down there, you see), and he said he wanted to know. So I told him . . . (he said he'd been in this, that and the other and all, you see. [Inaudible] And Dr. Heath had told him to come down to school. He asked me what kind of a suggestion did I have to give him, and he wanted me to sat there and tell him all about God, see (you see), and I'm fishing!

AUDIENCE: [Laughter]