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Henry Clifford Kinley (born September 30, 1896 — died February 9, 1976) was Founder and Dean Emeritus of the Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research for 45 years. There are currently several branch schools established world-wide. Kinley is the author of illustrative charts and the book Elohim the Archetype (Original) Pattern of the Universe. The illustrations and book document how Yahweh-Elohim is the archetype pattern by which every aspect of life, law and matter can be explained and verified. This information has been presented around the world to many of the top scientific, religious and political leaders of the 20th century, as well as to thousands of laymen around the world.

Students of the Institute study this key of knowledge in an effort to gain an understanding of the purpose, pattern and plan of Yahweh-Elohim for themselves and to present the teaching in the simplest manner to others. The principal laws are applied to the various natural sciences, physics, cosmology, ontology, current human events, as well as by what is written within the bible. These fields of study and their co-relationship are made apparent by this archetype providing proof of the existence of Yahweh, our inseparable relationship with this source, and the operation of a purpose and plan.


Introduction to Divine Metaphysical Philosophy and the Divine Pattern of the Universe by Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley (from the 1940s)

Where other philosophies and doctrines tell you to accept their word, believe with unquestioning faith—here you will find the reverse—we say, 'Let us demand proof. Let us question every concept. For how else can we know when we find the true answers to the mystery of mysteries than by receiving concrete verification, irrefutable proof, unerring answers that once and forever dispel all doubt and disbelief?'"
The function and motivating purpose of the INSTITUTE OF DIVINE METAPHYSICAL RESEARCH—through our written and spoken word—is to provide every thinking individual everywhere with the ability, the techniques, the methods by which to investigate all evidence, to learn to correctly interpret the intents and meanings, to cut through the chaos, conflict and disorder (be it physical, mental or spiritual); to examine, weigh and evaluate every philosophical and theological precept and concept rampant in the Universe—from whichever pulpit it arises—and measure them against the one, the only Divine Pattern—revealed and manifested and repeated without variation throughout the Dispensations and Ages of Time.

Early Life & Ministry

Henry Clifford Kinley was born in Muhlenberg County, Greenville, Kentucky to Ada Luvenia Higgins and George Edward Kinley. After moving to Springfield, Ohio, his father worked as a drayman at Wickham & Chapman Piano Plate Company on Sheridan Avenue. Clifford left school during the 6th grade to work at Wickham & Chapman and later became a master molder. During his spare time Clifford became proficient in boxing, training horses with his father and an accomplished inventor—selling a few of his inventions to his employer.

Henry Clifford entered the Ohio National Guard during World War I. He also joined the Holiness Church, the Church of God on Innisfallen Ave in Springfield, Ohio. Clifford quickly advanced in the ministry becoming an Assistant Pastor (under Elder Williams) and a member of the General Council. He was appointed over the Healing Services, the Youth Ministry, and was well-known as a healer, preacher and a "walking bible" or bibliomaniac, quoting chapter and verse from any point within the bible. Over the years he became a member of the Masonic Order] (3rd Degree) and the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F). On March 27, 1916 Henry Clifford Kinley married Katie Mae Glenn. From 1917 to 1928 Clifford and Katie bore eight children: Clifford, Jr., Richard, Katie, R.P., Arlena, Rachel, Glenn and Jack.

Springfield Interdenominational Bible Ecclesia

After 14 years of service, Kinley was forced to leaving the church because of a false accusation. His reputation was restored 7 years after the allegation. Subsequently, Henry C. Kinley claimed to have instantaneously received a Divine Vision and Revelation from Yahweh-Elohim on the morning of June 6, 1931. Attempts were made to present the revelation to the congregation of his former ministry, but he received further ridicule and was unaccepted.

In response to divisions within mankind, the Springfield Interdenominational Bible Ecclesia was formed in 1932 in Springfield, Ohio. The organization dedicated itself to people of all colors, nationalities and creeds, from any caste, and regardless of gender and status in an effort to form a “Universal Brotherhood of Humanity in Yahshua the Messiah”. Small gatherings were held by cottage meetings in the homes of interested family and friends in the community. In the process of time, the teaching spread and several schools were established in the United States.

Archetype Pattern of the Universe

After receiving the understanding that Yahweh-Elohim is the Pattern of the Universe, H.C. Kinley knew that to convey this message he would have to provide verifiable and consistent proof and illustration to whomever he presented this new philosophy. A series of charts were created describing a simple, scientific method in which to understand this new and revolutionary concept of God.

The first chart was successfully created on a bed sheet in 1932. The chart was named by Kinley as the Chart on the Pattern or Plan of Salvation, otherwise known to the school’s students as the “Elementary Chart”, and was illustrated according to a three-fold pattern containing 10 principle laws and several concurrant cycles. The second chart that was made was entitled the same as the book Kinley authored Elohim the Archetype (Original) Pattern of the Universe, otherwise known as the “Moses Chart”. This illustration documents the pattern's operation in the universe or the “greater and more perfect tabernacle” as expressed by the Apostle Saul. (See King James Version of Hebrews 8th and Hebrews 9th Chapters.) Additional charts on chronology, religious and political history, and how man is made in the image and likeness of Elohim were created. All of these charts (and others) are similar to the ones copied and used in all of the schools today.

Kinley Divinity School

On October 11, 1935 the Kinley Divinity School was legally incorporated as a non-profit corporation in the State of Ohio, County of Clark, City of Springfield for a $25 filing fee. The Articles of Incorporation listed several trustees and a purpose:

...is not for profit but to promote the cause of the Christian religion; to operate a school to prepare students for the ministry and laymen for scientific study to better understand and serve both God and their fellowmen...

Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research

Another name change for the school came in the 1940s while the founder was living in Cincinnati, Ohio. The school was renamed the Kinley Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research, Incorporated and the duties of headquarters was held between those in Springfield and Cincinnati. Several years later, in 1958, after the migration to Los Angeles, California, headquarters was moved once again. The school was legally established as a separate organization and renamed the Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research. The Kinley Institute was then dissolved in Ohio and all schools became branches of the Institute in California.

Historical References

Additional historical references related to the biography of Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley:


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