Do You Know Where You Are?

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11/29/74 _______________

[Carla’s Website: “Do you know where you are”]

DR. KINLEY: Thank you ever so much. Well I’m back again. I wouldn’t be if I didn’t consider it important. Now we are right down to the close of the probationary period, or what you might describe as the last prophetic seconds of this probationary period. Now that means this: you are right down to the place where the revelation of Yahshua the Messiah from heaven could happen yet before this year ended. And I’d like, I think it’s my indispensable duty to warn you of those things so you will not be carried away with the cares of this life, neglect or overlook certain things or signs that’s given you to make you aware of just where you are at this present time, and the situation and condition in which the world is in at the present time. It’s in a dilemma worse now than it’s ever been since Yahweh created it. The books bear me out on that. I don’t have time to go into a whole lot of detail. But the reason why I got up here was because it was really by request.

You know that in 1971 we went overseas, and we have had those that went to stand upon this floor so you could see ‘em. And there were three persons absent from that group: my brother Ben, from Ohio who’s deceased, Dr. Burbank Mitchell the dean in New York, and also Dr. Wilbur Traynham; those were the absent ones that were over there.

Now, that brings me around to saying this: When we were there (well I’ll put it this way first). Before we went over there we wrote them letters and we communicated with them, even before Sadat become the Pharaoh of Egypt. We had also communications with Nasser, and then Sadat took his place, and we continued our discussion with him relative to and about the Middle East situation. And while we were there in Cairo Egypt they had a great gathering. The King of Syria came down to Cairo, and they had a motorcade and they went to the Sheridan Hotel, and they were busily engaged in meeting there. And it was their anticipation… Now you pay attention to what I’m saying, because everything I’m saying here I’m gonna try to make it important as possible, and try to explain to you so you could understand my position and what I’m talking about. While we were there, now they had planned on going to war the first of the year 1972, the first of the year. Now we were there in November 1971, October, October 1971. Now we told them… They asked us the question, point blank question, “If they went to war with Israel would they win?” Now Dr. Harris was the spokesman, it was his duty to answer the question, but I didn’t give him a break. He was sitting right beside of me and I give him a jab in the ribs, and said “I’ll take that one.” And so I answered his question, uh the question. Now they put it to us point blank, “If they engaged in war with Israel will we win?” No, you won’t win. And then we said, uh we further stated that we’re going to Jordan too to talk with Hussein, and we‘re gonna tell him the same thing we told you. And we’re also going to Israel and we’re gonna to tell them the same thing we told you. In other words we’re going to carry the same message to all of you up and down the migratory pattern. We’re telling you all the same thing. Now then we told ‘em why, and this is what we said: would you mind reading it Dr. Harris, about the weapons of our warfare… Now while he’s looking that up… Dr. Harris has drafted a letter since Arafat was over here and spoke at the U.N. And he did not come out and say at that time, I listened to his discourse, and he didn’t say that he wanted all of the land that was occupied by Israel to be under Arab control. If he said it I didn’t understand it that way. Did any of you understand him to say that? Well I did. But he said they could abide there without the shedding of a drop of blood, Arab or Israelite blood, if I understood him. Is that the way you all understood him to say? Now I’m speaking before the U.N. now, that’s what I’m talking about.

Now the U.N. is made up more of foreigners that way than it is with others, so they voted to, uh that the Arabs should have some part in Israel there, the land of Israel. But now what they wanted is, I’ve understood later, see they want all the whole thing. They want to change from the land of Israel to Palestine, and all the land that’s occupied by the Jews there they want it under Arab control. And now here’s the seriousness of it. Now I been trying, I been up here, this is about my 3rd time I’ve got up to talk about the thing, and to warn you about how close you were to the end of this age and the annihilation of everything. The corruption that is in the world, it’s in worse shape now. Politically so there is no peace; ecclesiastically so or religiously so there is no harmony, there is no unity. Economically everything is out of balance. People are hungry and starving to death all over the world, the United States and abroad, nothing is being done about it. Haile Salassie, as you know his son was executed Saturday, last Saturday. And it was in today’s paper, I said I think it was the last time I was on the floor that he was reported to be about 10 billion. Today’s paper said that it was over 15 billion. And he has shared part of his great wealth to feed the people, turned it over to the military to feed the people, and he has been deposed as a ruler of Ethiopia. And he has given part of his wealth in exchange for his family to prevent them from execution. And that country’s in terrible turmoil. And as you know, I hope you do, he called himself the Lion of the tribe of Judah. Now could you imagine the Lion of the tribe of Judah, (15 billion, over 15 billion, and people all around here in this little biddy old country starving to death, and he setting up there). And listen, the investment (he didn’t have the money invested in his own country he had it in a Swiss bank and other banks around) over 15 billion, that’s a frightening figure.

Howard, H. L. Hunt died today, and he was reported to be worth 1 and a half to 5 billion dollars, in the newspapers and the radio.

Now, to get straight after it so that you can see and understand what I’m talking about. I want you to get that straight. Now we went to the board, and we’ve put on the board figures to show you something about it. And we took it right to the best chronologists that world has ever known: Hastings, Usher, Asher, Exiguus, chronologists. And I wish you would look at it again, take a peek at it. Look at the chart in your bible, and I don’t care what bible you have. You don’t have it in the Holy Name Bible, but in the King James Version of the Bible… Freddy go ‘round there to the chalk board and get you a, uh grab that chair out or something, and I want you to help me to work for just a few minutes with it. Now what I’m trying to do now folks is to show you how serious this thing is, and how near the revelation of Yahshua the Messiah and you are procrastinating. And in the mean time it will do nobody no good, nobody to be president of this and all that kind of carrying on and that foolishness, and all this murder and hypocrisy and all those kind of things it won’t do nobody no good to strive and to kill up a lot of folks, and cheating and beating and stealing and killing one another in order to get up in the world, it won’t do, it’s to late for that now; it’s just to late for that now. 4000 and 4 Freddy, and get up to 1967, uh 1974, add it together. Now you got 5978 years. Now Yahweh worked 6 days in the creation of heavens and earth. Now look, put this down too Freddy. Put it down where you find it at in the book, and we do want it read. I haven’t forgotten about what we just, I told him to read. See He told Moses, see and Dr. Harris is going to read. But just put down where you find one day…

Dr. Allen: 2nd Peter 3:8

Dr. Kinley: Well put it down on the board, so you can copy it down and look at it, and we want you to take special care and notice what we’re talking about. We want you to know this is what… It won’t do no good for us to get up here and get to sweating and carrying on, and when the meeting is over with why then you don’t know no more than you did at first, and you wasn’t benefitted at all. Now he’s got Psalms

Dr. Allen: 90:4… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Dr. Allen: and 2nd Peter 3:8…

Dr. Kinley: and 2nd Peter 3:8. Now I’m not asking right now to read this. Now I want read what we told them over seas

Reader: 10th chapter of 2nd Corinthians… Dr. Kinley: Now this is the 10 chapter of 2nd Corinthians…

Reader: starting with the 3rd verse…

Dr. Kinley: Now here we are living in this (look up here) we’re living in this dispensation right here, in other words after the crucifixion and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit which you’ll find some reference to it in Acts of the Apostles the 2nd chapter. Read.

Reader: for though we walk in the flesh… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: we do not war after the flesh…

Dr. Kinley: Now see we don’t war like that; we don’t war after the lust of the flesh. All right.

Reader: for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal…

Dr. Kinley: Now listen, and, if, and but are conjunctions that joins together two complete thoughts. That’s a conjunction. Now the reason why we don’t is for the weapons of our warfare… Everybody has to go to war, everybody, male and female must go to war. You’re drafted. Now for the weapons of our war (now this is what we told Sadat and them over there) for the weapons of our warfare are not

Reader: carnal

Dr. Kinley: not carnal. Now wait just a minute. That means that we do not fight with sabers, guns, atomic bombs, and swords, and just any kind of a mess, see we don’t fight like that. Now we have something far more powerful than the atomic bombs or the hydrogen bombs. How ‘bout that? Now the weapons of… (There’d have to be too). Now you just can’t take a hydrogen bomb and shoot a spirit, a satanic spirit. You can’t take, that ain’t gonna help it none, you have to have something better than that. So that’s the reason why we don’t try to use knives and guns and things of that sort fighting them wicked and hateful spirits that were cast out of heaven and incarnated in physical bodies posing as ministers of righteousness, which we probably will read about. All right read on.

Reader: For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through Elohim…

Dr. Kinley: mighty through Elohim

Reader: to the pulling down of strong holds… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: of rebels, casting down imaginations…

Dr. Kinley: See now somebody got their finger stuck in their ear, and say, “I imagine so and so; I imagine I can see this and see that and see the… I imagine I can see the angels flying around and swinging on the veil.” Now it says there, our weapons of our warfare is not carnal, but they’re mighty through Yahshua pulling down of strongholds and every other high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of Yahweh, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Yahshua the Messiah. Now I didn’t give you a chance to read that, so you better read that so they’ll know that it is in the Book

Reader: casting down imaginations…

Dr. Kinley: Now see we cast down imaginations. Now see they imagine, Sadat… And mind you when we were there he was made President (listen now) to the United Arab Republic. Now that means that Libiya, Egypt, Arabia, and uh…

Student: Syria Dr. Kinley: Syria, that’s right. Huh?

Reader: Lebanon

Dr. Kinley: and Lebanon. They all were united, the United Arab Republic, and Sadat was made President of it. And Jordan too belongs in there. All right.

Reader: casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of Yahweh…

Dr. Kinley: Now since the 1967 6-Day War of the Arabs against the Israelites, now I told ‘em that they wouldn’t win, that they just couldn’t win. I told you before I left L.A. going back to Ohio that that war would occur, and it was time for it. Do you all remember that? Answer me?

Students: Yes sir

Dr. Kinley: See it’s some new folks around here they don’t know whether what I’m saying is right or not. Now what I’m, all I’m interested in is getting somebody to see Yahshua the Messiah, not me and you. And I want them to know we’ve been telling ‘em the truth. And we told them people over there the truth, and they just didn’t obey it. And it turned out just like we said.

Now the thing that hurts, the thing that hurts so bad (I hate awful bad to tell you things like that) I just don’t wanna tell you. Now here’s what I’m talking about. One of the persons that was with us over there come back, after seeing what’s happened, and then stood here upon the floor… You were setting right, and the most of you were here. Am I lying?

Students: No!

Dr. Kinley: They wanna find some fault with what we’re teaching down here, and been hanging around here himself for a while. Now you know that hurts. And we got another one too that I’m not to well please with, he wants to restructure something. I don’t like that. And it’s my indispensable duty and job to tell you so. Now listen folks, I don’t see no sense in me standing up here lying to you. I was caught up to the 3rd heaven; I communicated or talked with, and Yahweh did reveal to me His purpose and plan through the dispensations and ages, by vision and revelation. And I have taught just that. And I’ve been telling people all along for 43 years what’s gonna happen by my watch on my arm, and tell you, don’t come back here no more if don’t happen like I tell you and when I tell you it’s gonna happen. Now that’s giving you some assurance. Now there isn’t anybody setting in this house right now, that has reached the age of accountability, that know that Egypt and Israel neither one of ‘em never got nowhere; everybody knows that.

Now look, here 1490 years before the birth of Yahshua the Messiah, this migratory pattern through here (see this is a figure of Egypt here) see now the Egyptians have been trying to overthrow the Israelites. And I meant to say the other day when I was standing up here (now you think about this). Now Yahweh brought ‘em down from up here, and they were in bondage down here for over 400 years, to be more specific, 430 years. Now if they were in bondage there to the Egyptians, now look here, I don’t want you to think now that the Egyptians overpowered ‘em and got ‘em down here. They didn’t do nothing like that, no indeed. See Yahweh just caused a drought or a famine up here in the land. Now they had a belly, and they heard that there was some food or some corn or some something to eat down in Egypt. Now Joseph had went down there (he was called a dreamer, and he was a dreamer) and he told ‘em about the 7 years of plenty and the 7 years famine. So the Egyptians they stored up some food. And they heard… And that they didn’t prosper up here; you couldn’t hardly raise an umbrella or a hand, see it’s barren. I mean you couldn’t raise no food there. Yahweh was controlling the thing, and wouldn’t let anything grow there. See how easy it was for Him to get ‘em down here. He didn’t have no problem in getting ‘em down here. Now what that (now pay attention now) I’m putting you wise to something you’re gonna have to live with or die with one. Now that’s the same thing that got Adam in trouble back here was his belly, it got him drove out of the Garden of Eden. Now Yahweh, listen now, Yahweh didn’t have anymore trouble in getting ‘em out of here than He did getting ‘em down here. He didn’t have no more trouble getting ‘em out than He did down there. In fact it would have been easier, cause when that first plague was poured out down there, if Yahweh hadn’t of hardened Pharaoh’s heart he would’ve let ‘em go. But Yahweh hardened his heart (he’s too soft here; Pharaoh was to nice), Yahweh just wouldn’t let him do otherwise. So then now look, here it is around 1490 years BBY or before the birth of Yahshua the Messiah, and on down to this present time (now listen to what I’m saying) they haven’t learned the lesson yet, right straight up and down, they just can’t do that.

Now what the Egyptians idea was in 1967 war, and what they have continued to have in mind is the annihilation of Israel or the extermination of Israel. Now read what Yahweh says about it, Jeremiah 31, I believe it’s about 35. And pay attention and try to be quiet; 35,36, Jeremiah 35:36…

Reader: 31:35-36 Dr. Kinley: 35:31 through 36.

Reader: Jeremiah 31st chapter, the 35th, 36th, and 37th verses. Dr. Kinley: All right read.

Reader: Thus saith Yahweh… Dr. Kinley: Now who said it?

Reader: Yahweh

Dr. Kinley: Now I want you to see who said these things so you won’t have to be disturbed mentally about it. And then you can’t go away and say, “That man said.” Thus saith Yahweh, read.

Reader: which giveth the son for a light by day… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: and the ordinances of the moon… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: and of the stars… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: for a light by night… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: which divideth the sea when the waves thereof roar… Dr. Kinley: that’s right, read on.

Reader: Yahweh of Host is His name…

Dr. Kinley: Yahweh of Host that’s His name, and it’s not Jehovah. And while we’re on that Jehovah’s stuff, I looked it up in the dictionary for the first time. There was no “J” in the Hebrew language, and it ain’t none in there yet, so it couldn’t be Jehovah, and it can’t be Jesus. There wasn’t no “J” in no language until the 17th century; that’s A.D. of course, Anno Domino, or after the birth of Yahshua the Messiah. It wasn’t no “J” in no language so it’s impossible for it to be Jehovah or to be Jesus. All right, for thus saith Yahweh...

Reader: if those ordinances depart from before me…

Dr. Kinley: Now do you know what an ordinance is? Ordinances are laws. Now we have tried our best to tell you that there was a Law of the Spirit which was in Yahshua the Messiah (8th chapter of Romans) and made the Jews (couldn’t been the Gentiles cause the law wasn’t given to him). And that’s a hard thing for people to learn. Every old hypocrite preacher you see come along he’s telling you something about keeping the Sabbath day, and he’s been washing feet and keeping Lord’s suppers and all. Ain’t nothing like that in your Bible. It just ain’t in the Bible. If you think it is try reading it. How ‘bout that? Somebody say “Well I’m a Baptist bread, and I’m a Baptist born, and when I die I’ll be a Baptist born.” [gone] Just all brazen and bold… Ain’t nothing like that in no Bible. You can’t read one verse, I mean from Genesis over to Revelations the last, where Yahweh ever give any ordinance or command for a Gentile to be baptized in the water. That’s not even in the almanac. Now that would surprise somebody, wouldn’t you think? We read there, and as many times as we’ve read it, and Jesus said that it was the great commission, go into the world and be baptized. We know what’s in that Book. And look, we know every chapter and every verse there is in it. You ain’t gonna surprise me. If you think what I said is not true then you go ‘head and read it. And if you could read that out the Book I’ll never preach another sermon, and I’ll go and sit down right now. How ‘bout that? Now that oughta be fair. See you could get rid of me, and get my mouth stopped forever. Now then if you wanna show how smart you are all you got’a do is read it. And if you don’t feel like reading it just hold up your hand and we’ll have somebody else read it. That oughta be fair, wouldn’t you say?

Now thus saith Yahweh that established the ordinances of the sun and the moon to give the light by day and by night, read on.

Reader: if those ordinances depart from before me saith Yahweh…

Dr. Kinley: Now if those ordinances shall depart from before me, saith who?

Reader: saith Yahweh Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: then the seed of Israel… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: also… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: shall cease from being a nation from before me…

Dr. Kinley: Now they will cease from being a nation! How ‘bout that? Now that oughta just make everybody else throw down everything, and cut it out. You can’t do that, thus saith Yahweh then Israel would cease being a nation, and what else?

Reader: Thus saith Yahweh, if heaven above can be measured…

Dr. Kinley: If the heavens can be measured… Now He is ---- ----, if you don’t’ think so I’ll read it. All right read on.

Reader: and the foundation of the earth… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: searched out beneath Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: I will also cast off all the seed of Israel…

Dr. Kinley: I will also cast off (if you could measure it) then He’ll also cast off the seed of Israel.

Reader: for all that they have done saith Yahweh.

Dr. Kinley: for all that they done saith Yahweh. Now look, now that oughta tell you something. Now this is what it oughta tell you Roger. Now they’re talking about and preparing now to go to war, and they’re better armed now than they was before cause Russia has replenished them. And so far…I told you the other day, if you could get a world almanac book or reader’s digest or look in your encyclopedia, and you will find that the population, the Jewish population of the earth today, is approximately 15 million. Now that’s not a whole lot’a people, 15 million. Now there’s more Negroes than that in the United States. Well now look, if you would look at the population of the Arabs they got ‘em out numbered many times. But now to show you the power of Yahweh and how dangerous it is for you to be standing around acting a fool the way they are equipped with military armaments. And with a little hand full of people, about 3 million to begin with in Israel, and there’s that many down in Russia that’s trying to get out, then there would have to be some kind of intervening thing. If they were to declare war then Yahweh would be compelled to annihilate the whole thing, according to the numbers and the armies and the manpower as we call it, and the advantage. Do you see what I’m talking about? Now what that means is that you’re right down to the place now where you ought to know Yahweh as He really is and actually exists. You’re down to the place where you oughta try to find out something definite, something positive, something concrete, something basic, and something fundamental.

And now let me say this, and then we’ll move. When Joshua took the Israelites on over after the decease of Moses, Yahweh multiplied ‘em, these here in the wilderness, some 100 fold. When they come up out of Egypt, (let me put it this way) when they come up out of Egypt here there were – how many Dr. Harris?

Dr. Harris: 603,550 Dr. Kinley: 603,550. Where you find that at?

Reader: over in Numbers, uh… [Numbers 2:32]

Dr. Kinley: I don’t want the numbers; I just want you to know it’s in there, Numbers, that’s all. I just want you to know it’s in Numbers. Now then if it was 603,550 that come up (now that’s not counting the women and children; don’t count them at all) those from 20 years old; that’s about the proper age. Now they were told not to number ‘em anymore. So after they were in the wilderness 40 years then they were born, those that were born there after the decease of Moses then Joshua numbered the children of Israel again. Now somebody said, “Well I thought you just said they were told not to number them anymore; Joshua He said not to number them anymore without the shekel of the sanctuary.” Well they didn’t need the shekel of the sanctuary, the sanctuary is already built here, but Joshua numbered ‘em, but you don’t find no number of how many there was; it wasn’t recorded, not at all. And now look, this is what they were numbered for: able bodied men that were to go in and possess the land and drive out the Ishmaelites (I’ll just put it that way) there’s 12 tribes of ‘em, Ishmaelites. Now there were 8 nations left in there that they couldn’t drive out; Joshua made a league with ‘em and they remained there. Now we’ve had these things read out the Book; we wanna read ‘em one more time, Galatians 4:25&6. Now listen folks, now I haven’t got my finger stuck up in my head and trying to do what you call preaching. If I did that, went to hooping and hollering and crawling and carrying on, and didn’t try to explain something to you and get down where you live at, then you would go away from here you wouldn’t be back here at all. And I’m trying to get around to you that the time is so short and we’re down to the prophetic seconds. Now then we got Galatians 4:25-6. Now look now, and listen, listen; now this Galatians 4:25 & 26 should be correlated with the 12th chapter of Revelations. Now here’s what I mean (look up here now so you can see): Now this Jerusalem, Jerusalem above, that’s what you’re fixing to read about. Read it Dr. Harris.

Reader: For it is written that Abraham had two sons… Dr. Kinley: Abraham had two sons

Reader: the one by a bondmaid Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: the other by a free woman… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: but he who was of the bondwoman… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: was born after the flesh… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: but he of the free woman… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: was by promise… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: which things are an allegory…

Dr. Kinley: Now just a minute; which things are an allegory... You have an aorta around your heart; it has 7 branches to it that carry oxygenated blood. Now I didn’t say that was all of the branches it had, I said that carry oxygenated blood, just 7, that’s all. And that correlated with this golden candlestick here, just 7 branches that’s all. Now then, here, up here, we’re showing you this: In this part of your body it’s correlated with this (that’s where your heart is) it’s correlated with this up here. And this is compared to the Most Holy Place (this is the Holy Place). Now in your brain up here, listen now, you have the Circle of Willis, and it projects blood, 7 projections there. Is that almost right Dr. Harris? This is a medical doctor setting here, 7 branches. Now I said that to say this: See this golden candlestick is correlated with the Circle of Willis. Now when that high priest went in here and took care of this 7-branched golden candlestick, and on the Day of Atonement which is the 10th of October (course now it doesn’t always come out that way; there’s a difference between the Gregorian calendar and the Hebrew calendar) he always carried blood into the Most Holy Place. Now listen, he threw that blood toward the mercy seat 7 times. See the Circle of Willis? See that now? Now right up through that Circle of Willis was the pineal gland. And now when he finished that service in there and threw that blood toward that mercy seat 7 times (he went in there 3 times on that day). Now listen what I’m gonna say now. And then Yahweh said He would dwell between the wings of the cherubims above the mercy seat in the cloud. And when he threw that blood the last time toward that mercy seat 7 times, then what happened was he got a revelation and a vision of Him setting there on the throne above on the mercy seat where He said He would dwell; that is to say He appeared to the high priest. Now here’s what happening. You see as you throw that blood (I’m talking about you now) it would be your understanding. When you understand what I’m talking about then your understanding is illuminated! When you see what I’m talking about. Read on Dr. Harris

Reader: which things are an allegory… Dr. Kinley: Now those things are an allegory

Reader: for these are the two covenants… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: the one from the Mt. Sinai… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: which gendereth to bondage… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: which is Hagar… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: for this Hagar is Mt. Sinai in Arabia Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: and answereth to Jerusalem which now is… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: and…

Dr. Kinley: Now wait a minute. Now when you say, now is, I’m talking about it’s in this dispensation. Now Hagar, this is what he was talking about in here when the Mosaic Law was given, and it answereth… and which now is, and it’s over here, and is in bondage with her children or in the flesh. All right read on.

Reader: but Jerusalem which is above…

Dr. Kinley: Ah, now hold it; hold it. See now we can make an awful mess out of the thing. But Jerusalem which is above, (that’s the heavenly Jerusalem which is above), it’s free. Read Dr. Harris.

Reader: but Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all…

Dr. Kinley: now which is the mother of us all... Now this is what we’re talking about: which is the mother of the Jews and the Gentiles, which is the mother of the whole entire thing. How ‘bout that? You see that now.

Now we had read in the 3rd chapter of Galatians that there was no such thing as a Jew or the bond or the free that is in Yahshua the Messiah, but we’re all one in Him. All right read. Yes I want that read doc.

Reader: Galatians 3:28. Dr. Kinley: Galatians 3:28&29

Reader: There is neither Jew nor Greek Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: there’s neither bond nor free… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: there is neither male nor female… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: for we are all one in Yahshua the Messiah.

Dr. Kinley: ye are all one in Yahshua the Messiah. Now Dr. Harris get up above there in that 3rd chapter and read it where they were heirs, the Gentiles were heirs according to the promise. I don’t remember what verse it is; it’s in the first part of the chapter if my memory serves me right.

Reader: And if (it’s the 29th verse) and if ye be the Messiah’s Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: then are ye Abraham’s seed… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: and heirs according to the promise…

Dr. Kinley: and heirs according to the promise. Now here’s what I’m trying my best to tell you. I’m trying to show you that we’re all… [Interruption on tape] … how many there were. They knew how many there were when the left up out’a here. And these that were born in here Yahweh had ‘em to multiply, they crossed over the River Jordan, and Joshua numbered them. Now how many was that? Read it, I want where you’re reading at now.

Reader: This is Revelations 7… Dr. Kinley: Revelations 7

Reader: 7:4 Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: And I heard the number of…

Dr. Kinley: I want you, I want you to get this one straight. I want you to get this one straight. Now you might have to back over there, before you read that, go back up to the 3rd chapter of Hebrews, I want… Now this is what I wanna show you now… [Side 2, few statements are missing] Jehovah’s, so called Jehovah’s witnesses. Hebrews 12 and about the 18th verse I think it is, or get the subject there. Now pay attention as you go down this time so this won’t never have to be read to you no more. All right read.

Reader: For ye are not come unto the mount that might not be touched…

Dr. Kinley: Now listen; you haven’t come to anything natural. Now listen, Yahweh (not the Pope, not Moses, not Jeremiah, not your pastor) let’s get this thing straight. We just simply got to learn some sense now, see it’s just too much knowledge in here. All right read on.

Reader: that burned with fire…

Dr. Kinley: You have not come to the mount that might be touched; in other words you haven’t come to anything natural. You haven’t come to no church down on the corner some place where some hypocrite preacher is standing in there talking about you oughta join this church. You ain’t come to nothing like that. You haven’t come to being an Arab or a Black Muslim or a white one either. A lot’a folks don’t know that there is White Muslims, they don’t’ know that. Read on.

Reader: or unto blackness and darkness…

Dr. Kinley: and unto blackness and darkness; you haven’t come to that now. All right read on.

Reader: and tempest… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: and the sound of a trumpet… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: and the voice of words… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: which voice they that heard… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: entreated that the word should not be spoken unto them anymore…

Dr. Kinley: See they entreated. And they don’t want Yahweh to speak to them anymore like that. What’s the matter, why don’t you want Him to speak to you that way no more? It’s because it frightened them! Moses stood there and shook and trembled! And that mountain top was on fire, and the smoke and the blackness and the tempest, and that mountain shook and trembled, and the earth shook! And them people were frightened! Don’t let Him talk like that no more. All right read on.

Reader: for they could not endure that which was commanded…

Dr. Kinley: Look, they couldn’t take it; they couldn’t take it. Now you think about when Yahshua the Messiah is revealed from heaven – you can’t take it! So you might as well just straighten up and fly right. All right read on.

Reader: and if so much as a beast touch the mountain… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: it shall be stoned or thrust through with a dart… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats) read on.

Reader: and so terrible was the sight… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: that Moses said… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: I exceedingly fear and quake…

Dr. Kinley: Moses, the man that went down there and told ‘em what Yahweh said, he was frightened too! And listen folks, I want you to know I’m frightened, frightened enough to stand up here and tell you the truth, and then abide by the consequences! I’m not all that gamed, no indeed; I’M AFRAID TO TELL YOU ANYTHING ELSE BUT THE TRUTH. Yes sir, that’s right. See they threatened my life, and I been beat up by the Black Muslims too. Now you know good and well I wouldn’t wanna get affiliated and associated with nothing like that. See somebody say, “Come over here, see we’re right.” And they said to me, said “What are you doing for your people? The honorable Elijah Mohammed he’s doing this, and he’s doing that, and he’s doing the other. He’s doing something for his people, said what are you doing for yours?” Listen, I ain’t that stupid. They even brought him airplane to fly around. Yes, Solomon said, a living dog is better than a dead lion. There’s a dead tycoon now worth better than a billion dollars, but he’s dead. I’m greater than H.L. Hunt now. How bout that? [Dr. Kinley chuckles] Okay read on.

Reader: but ye are come…

Dr. Kinley: Now wait a minute! Now here’s where you are! Now them people that are looking for the thing to come down yonder after while, but now this is where you are, the Jew and the Gentile, but you are come… Listen folks, not gonna come, already come to it! But ye are come… Is that what it says?

Reader: That’s right Dr. Kinley: Read

Reader: unto Mt. Zion… Dr. Kinley: You’ve come to Mt. Zion! All right.

Reader: and unto the city of the living Elohim…

Dr. Kinley: See, and unto the city of the living Elohim; that’s where you have come. Wait a minute; in the spirit you’ve come. That’s an epistle to the Hebrews or to the Jews. And the Gentiles 7 years after Pentecost were grafted right in there, and so we’re in there too. All right read on.

Reader: the heavenly Jerusalem…

Dr. Kinley: the heavenly Jerusalem. Now don’t you see people they don’t know nothing about that. Everybody’s talking about come on and let’s go to heaven and see what’s going on and all like that; I don’t know what’s there… Now if they had any brains or any sense or knew what it was all about, and he wouldn’t have no business preaching if he didn’t know. What would you think of an idiot standing up in the pulpit, and he say “Come on over here and give me your hand and let’s start on our way to heaven tonight; I don’t know what’s there but we’re going on to see what the end is gonna be.” THE LAKE! You and him both if you follow him.

Now wait a minute, let me show you what I’m talking about Roger. See you can go on inside this sanctuary, and you seen all on them veils and all on the interior were angels within this tabernacle and also in the temple. And the veils were lavishly embellished with angelic figures, and curtains and the tops and all both in the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place. And when you went in there you could look around, and just like it was imprinted all around the walls here and you could see what was in there. Now in the spirit angels are ministering spirits. Now we have come to the heavenly Jerusalem, I don’t mean gonna come now, SO DON’T TWIST THAT ONE UP. We have already come to that. And then what else?

Reader: and to an innumerable company of angels…

Dr. Kinley: I want you to see that we have come to an innumerable company of angels. What’s so important about that? If you read the 12th chapter of Revelations, you would find that old dragon, called the devil and the serpent was cast out of heaven (listen at me now) and he drew a third part of the angels and the stars from heaven. See, see that now. And they were cast down to the earth. “Woe unto the inhabitants of the earth for the accuser of the brethren is cast down to you that accused them day and night before the throne.” I’m talking about Roman Catholics. I’m talking about Protestants. You heard me didn’t you? No I ain’t gonna take it back Roger. That’s the way it is, them satanic spirits is incarnated in them physical bodies. Somebody say, “Well I didn’t know that.” Well then now listen, Yahshua the Messiah sent them disciples out to cast them out, now if they wasn’t in there He’s pretty stupid to send ‘em out to cast ‘em out of there. Isn’t that right? All right, but now you’ve come to an innumerable, now listen, without number, and innumerable company of angels, and to what else?

Reader: and to the general assembly…

Dr. Kinley: And listen, you got some there in Revelations. You got the churches of Philadelphia, Laodicea, Pergamos, Sardis and so forth, 7 churches, 7 assemblies. Well now this is the General Assembly! This is the sum total of the whole deal - and then what?

Reader: and congregation of the first born Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: which are written in heaven… Dr. Kinley: which are written in what?

Reader: which are written in heaven…

Dr. Kinley: See which are written in heaven. Now you’ve come to it Roger. Could you imagine some idiot standing up in the pulpit telling you come on let’s go to it? And you’ve come to the general assembly, and what else?

Reader: and to Yahweh the judge of all…

Dr. Kinley: Look here; and you’ve come to Yahweh who is the judge of all. That’s where you’ve already come to, not going but already come! You heard me you ain’t blind. Read on.

Reader: and to the spirits… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: of just men made perfect… Dr. Kinley: of just men made perfect, and what else?

Reader: and to Yahshua the New Covenant…

Dr. Kinley: And you have come to Yahshua the Messiah! Woo-wee! Read on doc.

Reader: the mediator of the new covenant…

Dr. Kinley: the mediator, or the go between Yahweh and man, of the new covenant, not an old, but the new one. All right what else?

Reader: and to the blood of sprinkling… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: that speaketh better things than that of Abel…

Dr. Kinley: that speaketh better things than that of Abel…all right and what else?

Reader: See that you refuse not Him that speaketh…

Dr. Kinley: See, don’t you refuse Him that speaketh, (you’re just finish with them). See there. See to it you don’t refuse Him. And when them bastards, (I mean I wanna be kind) bastard, old bastard... Say, “What’s the matter with you? You done gone wrong.” Naw, I ain’t gone wrong. The devil was cast out of heaven and he come all the way down through – ain’t that old?

Students: Yes

Dr. Kinley: Well then what is a bastard then Freddy? It’s one that won’t be chastised. Read the 12th chapter of Ephesians [Hebrews] and it’ll tell what a bastard is. And that’s them that’s standing up in the pulpit and trying to preach to you; won’t be chastised and corrected by the scriptures, won’t receive the chastening of Yahweh. Just open a Bible, look right at it, and then turn right around and say it don’t mean what it say. That’s a bastard! That’s a fact! You don’t believe that? If you don’t believe it I’ll prove it right now. You want me to prove it? I hope you say, yes.

Students: Yes

Dr. Kinley: Okay. All right, now I’m gonna prove that; I’m gonna prove that. Get the 26th chapter of Matthew, and the 3rd chapter of Matthew and the 13th verse, and the 5th chapter of Matthew and the 17th verse. Now I’m proving it now.

Reader: Then cometh Yahshua Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: from Galilee to Jordan unto John, to be baptized of him… Dr. Kinley: Now listen here, all right.

Reader: but John forbade Him saying… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: I have need to be baptized of thee… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: and comest thou to me… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: and Yahshua answering said unto him… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: permit it to be so now… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: for thus it becometh us… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: to fulfill all righteousness…

Dr. Kinley: You heard the word. Freddy, on the board! Fulfill all righteousness. Now read Matthew 5:17.

Reader: Think not that I am come to destroy the Law or the Prophets…

Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: I am not come to destroy but to fulfill… Dr. Kinley: I’m not come to destroy but to, what?

Reader: fulfill…

Dr. Kinley: fulfill. Are you sure that’s what it says? Reader: right

Dr. Kinley: Then you go back over there and read in the 26th chapter of Matthew and the 26th verse. Read.

Reader: And as they were eating…

Dr. Kinley: And as they were eating… They don’t even know what they were eating because they don’t know what’s on the menu; they got some grape juice and some crackers. That ain’t what’s on the menu. You have to go back in the 12th chapter of Exodus to find out what’s on the menu – unleavened bread, roast lamb, and bitter herbs. Is that right Bishop Short?

Bishop Short: That’s right.

Dr. Kinley: And as they were eating roast lamb Yahshua took bread and break it. He didn’t take the lamb and break that, because a bone of this couldn’t be broken. How ‘bout that? So they had to be eating lamb… [Laughter] See he’s a Jew, and Dr. Gross the President is one too. All right, now go on Dr. Harris and read.

Reader: And as they were eating, Yahshua took bread and blessed it and broke it, and gave it to the disciples and said, Take, eat, this is my body…

Dr. Kinley: um hum

Reader: and He took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them saying, Drink ye all of it, for this is my blood of the New Testament that is shed for many for the remission of sins. But I say unto you, I will not drink henceforth of this fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father’s Kingdom…

Dr. Kinley: That’s right. Now since you’re right there, hold tight to that one and read Romans 14:17, cause I’m gonna have you come back here cause I have to. Read Romans 14:17; I could quote it, but I ain’t gonna do it.

Reader: For the Kingdom of Yahweh is not meats and drinks, but righteousness and peace and joy…

Dr. Kinley: What did you say Dr. Harris? Read that over. Reader: For the Kingdom of Yahweh…

Dr. Kinley: Now He said He wasn’t gonna eat it no more with them, His own disciples, until He ate it and drink it with them anew in His Father’s Kingdom. So if His kingdom is not meats and drinks, He can’t do that no more like He did in that age. That’s what I’m saying. Can’t do it; said He wasn’t gonna do it. “All right then we’ll just do it our own self! Now Jesus said… and we’ll bless this bread, and this thing here and we’ll do it like…” Oh it’s terrible, the blind leading the blind. All right, now Dr. Harris you said it wasn’t meats and drinks, is that right?

Reader: Right

Dr. Kinley: All right, now go back to the 26th chapter of Matthew. And I’m showing you where that they’ll dispute an open Bible. Now you read where He says, “Suffer it or permit it to be so because thus it behooves us to fulfill.” Is that what it says?

Dr. Harris: um hum

Dr. Kinley: And I told you that they look right in an open Bible and dispute it, say it don’t mean that. And in Matthew 5:17 says, “Think not that I come to destroy the Law or the Prophets, but I come to fulfill.” And they say it don’t mean that; in other words they’re calling Him a liar. In other words they’re bastards and they won’t be chastisement. That’s what I’m talking about. And what does it say there in the caption over there on the top of the page?

Reader: Lord Supper instituted.

Dr. Kinley: Now you see He said He comes to fulfill, and in that caption up there they say He come to fulfill, I mean to institute. Is that what it says?

Students: Yes

Dr. Kinley: That’s wrong. That’s saying that He’s lying and He don’t know what He’s talking about. Said, “The Lord Supper Instituted.” The Passover was down here in Egypt, and they are saying that He’s just instituted it down here, and He’s saying He come to fulfill it. I got some news for you. Listen, if He was instituting as they say He was, after He ate that supper He went on out to the place where they were, now listen, He crossed over the Brook Cedron… See I should tell you about this: He crossed over the brook Cedron and entered into the Garden of Gethsemane (that’s what this is showing here) He entered in to it. He told them to tarry here; they couldn’t go in the sanctuary. And He said you (that’s in Matthew) tarry here while I go yonder and pray. And now He went out there and He was praying in the garden. And He told them to tarry with Him (Freddy) one hour. Now you probably never heard no preacher see, but see he don’t know what it is, he don’t nothing about it. [Dr. Allen is writing on the board breaking down 1 hour in prophetic time] Now, what have you got?

Dr. Allen: You got one hour in prophetic time is equal to 41.6 years, which was the time that He stayed out there in the garden that one hour picking up them 40 years they were in the wilderness.

Dr. Kinley: That’s right, and then what about this up here?

Dr. Allen: That also would be them 40 years, uh, 40 days Adam would be in the garden…

Dr. Kinley: Now you see why He went in there He was fulfilling this that was back here. Now your pastors never told you a thing about it, see that He was fulfilling. In other words He had to go in that garden there, I mean because He’s the sacrifice He had to go in that garden. And when He went in there He told ‘em to stay outside, because they couldn’t go in. And now they hadn’t been born again, that’s the reason why they couldn’t go in (I mean born of the spirit) and there wasn’t no birth going on in here. But later they were born and they were grafted right in. Ain’t that wonderful? See He had to fulfill it. Now do you see what I’m talking about?

Now folks, let’s show this way. Now it says there that they’re saying there, as Dr. Harris read in there in the caption not in the verses, and that’s what all of ‘em are doing, they’re saying that Yahshua the Messiah instituted Lord Suppers, in the churches. Now you don’t start no argument with me. See you can go out there and argue with Reverend so and so, and so and so, but if you wanna get a corn stumped on then you come down here. And I wanna let you know that’s been tried, they been trying that for 41 years. You’ve seen some of it haven’t you doc?

Dr. Harris: Sure have, right.

Dr. Harris: And we’ve had Roman Catholics and Protestants and Baptists and Methodists and Presbyterians, we had everything, I just stomp ‘em; squash ‘em. [Doc demonstrates by stomping the floor] That’s right. Some of ‘em stand way off out yonder outside the ring and say “I’m the champion of the world!” COME ON, GET IN THE RING! Then another one standing way out yonder, you know, and he talking about “I got’a plane, flying around, and I’m worth so many million of dollars, and first one thing and another, and how successful they are.” And here Yahshua the Messiah well He said, “The foxes they have holes, the birds have nests, but the Son of Man ain’t got nowhere to lay His head.” They had to borrow Joseph’s new tomb to bury Him in. People boasting around talking about how successful they are and the money they’ve accumulated robbing the poor, and not only of their money but also of their soul.

Now let’s get back and talk about what we want you to see, and what we want you to understand. Now I showed you that Arafat wants the Jews in Jerusalem, Palestine, or in Israel, to surrender all of that land, and give all of the occupied territory that they possess, to give it to the League of Nations and all of the Arabs. Now that’s twice that they went to war. The 6-day war and I told you they wasn’t gonna win that. Then when we were over there we told ‘em, and after the 6 day war, and we told ‘em they wasn’t gonna win that, and now they’re talking about they wanna go to war again. Now right down at the end of this period of time, Yahshua in the 24th chapter of Matthew said “Now ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars.” And then He went on to say (You look at the 24th chapter of Matthew). [Sound distorted for about 3 seconds] He said now you shall hear of rumors of war, and many shall come in my name saying that I am Yahshua the Messiah. Now listen folks, how many times have I told you about it, that the name was not Jesus Christ, nor Jehovah? Now they ain’t even doing that, they ain’t even coming in His name. And He told ‘em to go out and preach in His name, and they ain’t even doing that! You see what I mean? You don’t pay no attention to nothing! I’m speaking collectively; I’m not really talking to you people that adhere to what we teach.

Now, go back to the 12th chapter of, uh, the 7th chapter of Revelations. Now listen, now I want you to see what I’m talking about. Now you read over here in… and Dr. Harris suppose you just give us just a quick run down right quickly, Hebrews). Now we’re just gonna read this down, and these are the points we want you to see. We want you to see that you have come to Mt. Zion. We want you to see that you have come to Yahweh. We want you to see that you have to Yahshua. We want you to see that you have come to an innumerable company of angels, and to the assembly of the first born whose names are enrolled in heaven. And you’ve also come to Yahshua. Now we want you to see that you’ve already did that. Now if you’re talking about going some where, going from here to there; where are you going? There ain’t but one other place I know for you to go, and that’s the Lake. That’s right!

Now look, here’s what I was trying to show you. Now look, in the 12th chapter of Revelations, were talking about this Jerusalem above, and we’re talking about this innumerable company of angels, we’re talking about them satanic spirits that were cast out and come all way down through the ages and the dispensation of times posing in the pulpits as preachers and ministers of righteousness and all divided up; now that’s what we’re talking about. And when it comes to the reality of it, see you’re dealing with a great big mystery; in fact the matter you’re dealing with two mysteries, two master mysteries – the mystery of Yahweh, and the mystery of iniquity. Now if you won’t accept the truth then Yahweh will send you a strong delusion and cause you to believe a lie that you all might be destroyed or lost. Isn’t that the 2nd chapter of 2nd Thessalonians?

All right, now look, I’m trying to put this together now so you can understand it.  See now when Joshua went over into Canaan, He drove out, uh, left 8 nations in there, a third.  Now, a third of them angels were cast out of heaven.  This Jerusalem beneath is an allegory to Jerusalem above. Now Arafat he wants all of this land that’s occupied by Israel to be ruled and controlled by the Arabs.  Hussein says he don’t think that’s right giving the Arabs control over it.  All right, now this Jerusalem beneath is an allegory to Jerusalem above.  Now then if all the angels were not cast out of heaven, so then everybody cannot be cast out of Palestine.  Now get this clean and straight now.  See now Yahshua is the Ruler, not the Arabs, not the Jews, and not the Gentiles, He is the Ruler.   Now listen at me.  1st chapter of Acts of Apostles (now listen, you can read this after you go home; it’s getting late and I don’t wanna keep you children). He ascended from the Mt. of Olives and went into heaven itself and set down at the right hand of the Father.  1st Corinthians 15&28 says this:  Now pay attention now.  Now He must rule (He’s the ruler) and He must rule until the last enemy is destroyed.  And listen now (that’s Yahshua I’m talking about) then this is what He does, He hands over all rule and all authority, and all power to Yahweh that Yahweh might be all in all.  Do you see that?  Is that what it says?  

Students: um-hum

Dr. Kinley: That’s what the Book says. Now if what, since the people are talking about it, going to war… Now what they have done, and they don’t understand that, they have postponed now going to war until next spring. Now 7, about, how many millions of Roman Catholics are there? 577 million Roman Catholics so they say, they say (now pay attention) that Jesus is coming in 1975; the Jehovah’s Witnesses say Jesus is coming in 1975; the Church of God say that Jesus is coming in 1975. Now what is that? I’ll tell you what that…you want me to tell you what that is. That’s a mistake. I could’ve said he was a liar, but I’d rather just go ahead and call it a mistake, cause they ain’t lying intentionally, and they don’t know that’s what they’re doing.

Now look, this is what a false prophet is. Get it there in John. Now here’s why it’s to bad (the 4th chapter of the 1st epistle of John) and here’s why it’s so bad. Read that

Reader: Beloved… Dr. Kinley: Now it says, “Beloved…

Reader: believe not every spirit…

Dr. Kinley: Now just a minute doctor, now He didn’t say to believe not every body. He didn’t say a thing like that, did He? Is that what is says, don’t believe everybody? He didn’t say that? See that’s them old satanic spirits cast out of heaven incarnated in physical bodies, said “Don’t believe every spirit.” All right, what else there?

Reader: but try the spirit…

Dr. Kinley: Now look, if you don’t have the spirit, how you gonna try it? Jehovah’s Witnesses say you don’t have it, now how you gonna try anything? They say it’s a vital force upon, see you just don’t have it; the Holy Spirit’s not in any man. Now that’s bad. All right read on. Reader: but try the spirits whether they are of Yahweh…

Dr. Kinley: Now you try the spirits whether they are of Yahweh. Now you do well if you pay attention to this one. Try the spirits whether they are of Yahweh. Read.

Reader: because many false prophets are gone out into the world…

Dr. Kinley: Now here’s why you gonna do it; cause there’s a whole gang of false teachers and false prophets, they ain’t going out they already gone. See cause there’s many false prophets, now what else, what’s next, what do that say?

Reader: Hereby know ye the spirit of Yahweh… Dr. Kinley: Now look! It’s right be this, right by this, read.

Reader: every spirit… Dr. Kinley: Now it didn’t say “Everybody” but every spirit

Reader: that testifieth that Yahshua the Messiah is come in the flesh…

Dr. Kinley: Now no doc, now wait a minute, now He’s coming in 1975 Dr. Harris: is come, present tense…

Dr. Kinley: is come, that’s present tense. In other words the Holy Spirit was poured out on the Day of Pentecost. That is the comforter which the Father sent in Yahshua’s name, so He is come. And we read that you come to Him and He’s come to you. And we read you there that you’ve come to the Father, and we’ve read that you’ve come to Mt. Zion the heavenly assembly and church of the first born whose names are enrolled in heaven. All right, we’ve already read that. All right read.

Reader: every spirit that confesseth that Yahshua the Messiah is come in the flesh is of Yahweh…

Dr. Kinley: Now that is of Yahweh. You see that now. Then what?

Reader: and every spirit that confesseth… Dr. Kinley: and every spirit that say

Reader: and confesseth not that Yahshua the Messiah is come in the flesh is not of Yahweh…

Dr. Kinley: Now you see that Bishop? Now you see that. Every spirit that testifies that He hasn’t already come in you, that’s a what? Reader: this is that spirit of anti Messiah…

Dr. Kinley: That’s that spirit of anti Messiah whereof you have heard that it should come. And that’s what every one of them Roman Catholics and Protestants and the Jews, Orthodox Jews is doing. Here the Orthodox now they’re looking for Him, they thinks He ain’t here, that He haven’t seen Him; and the other feller he thinks the same thing. Now Yahshua the Messiah in you, or the Holy Spirit in you, that’s the only hope you have.

Now listen now I wanna make this real clear. That’s what’s in this age is the Holy Spirit dwelling in you; that’s what’s in this age. Then what’s in the age next to come, the Holy Spirit will immortalize your body when He is revealed from heaven just like He is. Now I told you what was in this one, and I told you what was in the one to come, immortality, beyond the possibility of death – the last enemy, death, is destroyed. How ‘bout that? Now you oughta be benefitted tonight.

And now see if you’ll look out on the situation (and then I’m finished) see if you’ll look out on the situations and conditions of the world and see what it is, and how they’re threatening to go to war with one another, and with military combat with weapons of military warfare, instead of the sword of the spirit, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation, and feet shod with the preparation of the gospel (you see what I’m talking about) that’s your weapons. See you don’t go out there and do no battle with ‘em. See you can’t whip these satanic spirits incarnated in these physical bodies; you can’t do it.

Now let me say this: Now this land up here, at that conference they wanna take it from Israel and give it to the U.N. Now, I’ve wanted to say this I don’t know how many times so I’m gonna say it now. See by the U.N. being made up of so many of those that are against Israel it’s just only logical for me to assume that the majority of the votes would be in favor of the liberation of Palestine and the dispersing of those Jews and driving ‘em out. So therefore the vote is about 4 to 1 or something another like for the extermination of them, but Yahweh says “No, you can’t do that.” Now then when we get into that I tried to read to you about the Jews, and I believe in the 2nd chapter of Romans and the last two verses say that, he is not a Jew which is one outwardly, but he is a Jew which is one inwardly in the spirit (is that right) and neither is that circumcision. You follow what I mean. Now you’re dealing with a great mystery and you’re right up to it.

Now let me say this, now try to pay attention. I may not have too much to say from now on. But I have been dwelling on this same message for a couple of months and trying my best to make you see. And look, you could think that I didn’t know what I’m talking about if I hadn’t to prove, I mean right here in this place, see this place, 1040, twice that I was right about that Palestinian situation over there. When they went to war in 1967 I said they could not win. Is that right?

Students: Right

Dr. Kinley: When they went to war… And we were over there we told ‘em, and all the rest of ‘em they couldn’t win. And they been trying, now look, they been trying it every since January, and they ain’t got nowhere with it yet.

Now I’ve been standing around telling you all and showing you how line must be upon line and precept upon precept. All it amounts to is just nothing but repeating it over and over and over and over again and again. Now here’s what I mean. I’m saying this for the benefit of the new people. Now this is your blood here line at the bottom of this chart, this is your blood line; it’s dictated by your pattern. The next line up, right here, that’s the water line, it comes right in line with your bladder: the blood, the water, (your intestinal track) 4 points of blood here, 4 points on this altar; the blood, the water. The next line up is the spirit; blood-water-spirit. The tabernacle set in the wilderness 40 years (pays attention now). Now Isaiah says line must be upon line, line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little. To the law and to the testimony; now this is what the Roman Catholics and the Protestants can’t do. Now you must carry it all the way that way, see right across here – the blood-water-spirit; blood-water-spirit, and it must be that way all along. John says there three that bear record in the earth; it’s the blood the water and then the spirit; the blood the water and the spirit. And when He was speaking from that cloud He said this is my beloved son when John baptized Him. Here’s the altar, the blood the water, the Holy anointing oil before you could go into the spirit; the blood the water and the spirit. Listen now, watch. Now it was night when they slew that paschal lamb, that Passover. And Yahweh waited till the cool of the day to drive him out of the garden into outer darkness. And all of this down here is dark; see all of it is dark. The Passover had to be eaten at night.

Now when they slew that lamb down in Egypt it was dark, so this would have to be dark. When they crucified Yahshua the Messiah it turned dark because that was the fulfillment of this over here. And it goes through (see that long chart all the way around there, that one), that the way it goes all way through there, that’s the way that it works.

Now folks, I didn’t wanna say this; I like to abstain from these things. But I am the only man in the world today that actually can show you what the truth about these things are. And I have witnesses setting right here in front of me looking me straight in my face, and they’re here all that time, been with me through the years. I told you what was going on in the world and all around it. And I predicted wars, and they did happen. And any major catastrophe I told you in advance about it. Am I lying Dr. Gross, you been with me 42 years, right?

Dr. Gross: That’s right

Dr. Kinley: I can’t cure nobody of nothing. Here sets a medical doctor. People have been healed from all kinds of diseases, cancer and anything else, prophecies and everything else. You don’t know nobody on earth; you never read of anybody that’s told you anymore about Yahweh than what I have, and in the meantime, performed any greater miracles and all than Yahweh has performed through this little black nappy headed body you see standing up here. You don’t know nobody, Reverend nobody! They ain’t living and they ain’t in the cemetery either.

Yahweh sent me in the world in the close of this age to warn you, and it’s my indispensable duty to do it. A lot of times I don’t like to say a lot of things to you, but I do have to tell you as it is. I promised, and I never will forget when Yahweh gave me the vision and revelation, just like this, see He used to thunder, “Man, what are you going to do with what I have showed you?” I had no other alternative than to tell you. Somebody say, “Well you don’t have no business meddling in my religion.” Why didn’t they talk to, now they didn’t talk to Yahshua the Messiah like that, but they He did work a little psychology on ‘em. He said this: “I didn’t come to call the righteous but sinners unto repentance.” And see they didn’t know their scripture, like a lot of these folks don’t know the scriptures. Now here’s what was there, “There is none righteous, no not a one.” Then they tried to psycho Him, said “Good Master,” and He said, “Why callest thou me good, there’s none good but the Father.” You see, you see what I’m talking about?

So now folks, I’ve tried to tell you the truth. They are going to have a repeat, and if they try to you just remember you are standing on the brinks of eternity about this Arabs and these Israelites and these different situations. Now you understand what I’m saying. Take heed that no man deceive you. That’s the first thing they said that Yahshua told them when they asked Him, said, “When shall these things be? He said let no man deceive you, cause many is gonna come in my name?” And they did that before the 17th century, cause since the 17th century they haven’t been using His name they been using Jesus Christ. I hope you’ve gotten something out of it.

Audience: Applause

TAPE: SATAN REFUSES RESURRECTION 6/1967 DR. KINLEY: Now then watch this: Now here they come on out of here. Here's Pharaoh, here is Nasser overthrown... and then listen, they're fighting about the Suez Canal and adjacent the Red Sea. And here this chart of it, we should come on up and show the Gulf of Aqaba. And listen, got the forces in there right now. If Pharaoh couldn't make it, how do you expect Nasser's gonna make it? When they went up through here, Moses' and them fought all the way up through there. Then how do you expect Hussein to win? It ain't nothing else but repeating itself. Then they go over here. Now they're gonna annihilate Israel up here. That's what they was gonna do. And if they just didn't do it when Joshua and them carried on through there when Moses went there, now how do you expect them to do it now? Can't you see they can't do that? And God said that if you can destroy Israel, annihilate Israel, you can sweep down the stars; just can't be done.

Now as Dr. Gross told you (listen up at me and then I'm through). Now then, since Abba Eban's up here at the UN, what they're trying to get the Jews and the Arabs to do, since the Abrahamic Promise, the Abrahamic Promise that they would give them (come on up there) give them that land, give it…. And then it comes on down into the River Nile in Egypt, give them that for an inheritance. Abraham had two sons: one by his wife Sarah, and one by his bondwoman Hagar, Isaac and Ishmael. And God promised to bless ‘em both, bless the Arabs or the Gentile through Isaac which was a type of Messiah, and they dwelled in that land. Listen, when the children of Israel went in there and invaded this land (now listen at me) see they couldn't drive ‘em all out of there. Eight nations were left in there. If they couldn't drive ‘em out then, how you gonna drive 'em out now? All of the angels that sinned in Heaven was cast out, but all of them there wasn't, just wasn't sinners. This is an allegory and a type of Heaven. Now listen at me. What they're supposed to do now is to be reconciled and to dwell in that land together at peace through the offering up of Messiah, reconciled both the Jews and the Gentiles. He's not Yahweh of the Jews and just leave the Gentiles out. But now then this is what they're doing. When John says, in Revelations, he says when they went through here, says, “First heaven and the first earth was passed away; and there was no more sea, (they’re on beyond it) and I John saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband,” when Moses came down with that Tabernacle in his mind. Do you see that now?

Students: Yes.

Dr. Kinley: Now they done had to fight their way up through here, all the way through. Now the Jew, since they captured the Jordanian side of that temple up there, they're calling this situation they got over there the New Jerusalem. Now what’re they looking for? They're looking for Messiah to come. And you already got Him within you. See they don't understand the spiritual. And when you see them things come to pass, the times of the Gentile’s fulfilled, know it's right at the door. Now you can sit at home on your tail if you want to, and you'll be in Hell the first thing you know, talking about you and your church and you and your pastor, when them things come to pass, when the times of the Gentile’s fulfilled.