Do You Know What Time It Is?

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12/1972 _____________

Dr. Kinley: Thanks ever so much. I’m always glad when the opportunity presents itself for me to have something to say to you. And I thought it would be appropriate since this is the time of year that people are thinking about the birth of Christ, the receiving of gifts and the sending of gifts to one another, to show their respect and appreciation for one another. So I thought I would call your attention to a few things here that I thought you should know.

Now the thing I’m gonna start with is this: This is a school, a school of research. Now a lot of people they don’t recognize that this is a research. Now we have searched, and now we’ve researched to find out and to know something about the truth, and to tell you about it. Now the day is far spent, and we’ve come right down to the end of the close of this age wherein you will soon find out the truth about a lot of things that you knew nothing about. You’ll find out.

Now this is not nearing the birthday of Christ. To tell you the truth (now the only way I know to do it now is just tell you like it is) there is no such thing. Now somebody might wonder, say “You don’t believe that Christ was born into the world?” No. That’s bad. From what we have been taught now that would just simply be blasphemy, and there wouldn’t be no forgiveness for it at all. But that’s the truth. His name was not Christ. And then if it were Christ He wouldn’t be born in this world. Now how ‘bout that? Now that look like it’s wrong don’t it? But it ain’t, that’s just as right as it can be.

Now how did that happen? You see this is the age in which He was born. He was born in the Postdiluvian Age, born under the Mosaic Law. And there’s something else too about that you should know something about. And He appeared in that age, in that age, (now listen at what I’m gonna tell you, you haven’t heard to much about this) not born of a woman, in the same age. That is to say that Yahshua just simply took on a physical body, and that is the person you know as Joshua. But in reality it was not Joshua that was this thing… that was Yahshua.

Now another strange thing about it I wanna mention before I go any further, and that is this. It was (now you haven’t heard about this either) it was He Himself that showed in the Antediluvian Age that He would be born of a woman in this age. You haven’t heard nothing at all about that. Have you ever thought about that one? Now where did He (somebody will say) “Well where did He say this?” Well back there in the Garden of Eden, suppose you read what He said to that man and that woman back there.

Reader: I will put enmity between thee and the woman… Dr. Kinley: (Repeat)

Reader: and between thy seed and her seed… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: he shall bruise thy head… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: and thou shall bruise His heel…

Dr. Kinley: and thou shall bruise His heel. Now did you, did you catch on? Now you have never, you wouldn’t even think of that as being Yahshua as we’re telling you tonight. Nobody’s ever said nothing about it, because… And the reason why we didn’t say nothing about it is because we don’t know nothing about it. See it was He Himself (now listen at what I’m gonna say here now). Yahshua, who we call Yahshua the Messiah (listen now) was Yahweh manifested in a physical body (that’s precisely who He was), and besides Him there was no other. A time come when He said so much about His Father (whom they thought they knew, Joseph to be more specific) He said “Believe me I am in the Father and the Father is in me. Now if you don’t wanna believe me for what I’m saying to you, then believe on me for my very work sake (why should we do that) is because I cannot do anything of my own self.” Now the reason why I brought these things up is because now it’s time for you to learn, and it’s time for you to know something about these things. These are deep esoteric secrets.

Now Adam was a physical man when he was created. And Moses looked right at (I’m bringing this out clear so you can see it about Him being the one that told Adam and Eve that He was going to come through the loins of the woman). Now I’m bringing it out real clear so you can see it.

Now it was when He carried Moses and them up in the mountain, or when He carried Moses up in the mountain that 3rd time is when he saw that transgression; that was the third time. That’s when Moses saw the transgression. He didn’t see it the second time and he didn’t see it the first time. Now listen, and let this go home with you, bear it in mind. He was a physical man walking around on the earth plane, Joshua, in a physical body at that time. And of course being in that physical body why then He went into that mountain and showed Moses the things that He showed him in a vision. And Moses looked right at Him in a vision.

Now I wanna clear something up there so you don’t get messed up on that one too. Do you recall that the last time or the third time that He set still in that tabernacle or that tent and He did not go out? He was a young man. Read it, the 33rd chapter of Exodus and I believe about the 11th verse

Reader: And Yahweh spake unto Moses… Dr. Kinley: And Yahweh… Who’d you say?

Reader: Yahweh Dr. Kinley: and Yahweh spake unto Moses

Reader: face to face Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: as a man speaketh unto his friend…

Dr. Kinley: See you have to do some thinking as you go along here, and if you do that He’ll reveal it unto you. See Yahweh spake unto Moses face to face as a man speaketh to his friend, and then what?

Reader: then he turned again… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: into the camp… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: but his servant Yahshua… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: the son of Nun Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: a young man…

Dr. Kinley: a young man… Now wait just a minute. Now when you says, Young man, now when He comes through the loins of a woman and would go out up in the mountains fulfilling these things that He had to up in the top of mountain and going on… He was baptized at the age of 30, and 3 ½ years He put in fulfilling the law. Now that made Him 33 ½ years old, so at that He was a young man. So now here He is, He’s a young man down here with Moses, and He set still in that tent. Now this time, in the 24th chapter it tells you there that when He was with Moses and the 70 elders, Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu, why Moses said to them, said “Tarry ye here for us until we return again unto you.” But that wasn’t the case this time. See this last time… When he come down the second time he broke those tables of stone and threw ‘em down; this is the second time that he threw those tables of stone down. Well he hadn’t seen that transgression. So now he had to go and hew out some more stones and take ‘em up there in the mountain. But before he went up in the mountain to take the stones up in the mountain, He talked to Moses in the tent, and that’s what you’re reading about. Would you mind reading that over again?

Reader: And Yahweh spake unto Moses… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: face to face… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: as a man speaketh unto his friend Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: and he turned again into the camp…

Dr. Kinley: Now wait just a minute. And he turned again into the camp. Now here’s something right there too, that isn’t to much said about it, and to much known about it Freddy.

Now I’ll show you what I’m talking about here. See now that tent, or the tent that they brought up out of Egypt, that Moses them brought up out of Egypt, was pitched on the backside of the mountain, or Mt. Bushy or Mt. Sinai, not out here in the camp. In other words, when He talked to Moses He told him to tell the children of Israel to bring Him an offering and to build Him a sanctuary that He might dwell among them. Now you see there oughta be some kind of a question there. If He come up with them out of the land of Egypt right in the crowd, then went off to one side and didn’t dwell within the camp with them... And if He had been dwelling over in the camp with them then He wouldn’t say, build me a sanctuary that I may dwell with you, He would have been dwelling among them. How about that?

Now we tell you all the time about the impossibility to draw these charts as they really ought to be drawn. We have a wall of just hundreds of them people tried to draw. Well now look, when this tabernacle was built (now listen to what I’m gonna say now) when this tabernacle was built, there were three tribes on each side of it. On all four sides there were three tribes that made up the twelve tribes. And now the reason why I’m bringing this up now, I’m trying to show you something deep in the spirit. That inner-self that was in Joshua, when this tabernacle was constructed the cloud come down over the top of this tabernacle, and He, the inner-man, entered into that tabernacle, not the physical but the inner-man entered in that tabernacle. Now listen again now. And when the high priest would go in there and throw that blood toward the mercy seat, the 16th chapter of Leviticus, in verse 2 will tell you that He said that He was going to dwell in that tabernacle, and the place where He was going to dwell would be between the wings of the cherubims in the most holy place. And when that high priest went in there and threw that blood toward the mercy seat seven times (the last trip was the cleansing of the sanctuary) then the Shekinah would flash, which means that a light would flash, and he would see that form sitting on the mercy seat, (the high priest would) and dwelling between the wings of the cherubims, not the physical man. Now why did I bring that up that way? It’s because the physical man set still out there, Joshua, set still out there. And it says that He didn’t go out of that tabernacle or that tent. Read it again please.

Reader: And Yahweh spake with Moses face to face… Dr. Kinley: um-hum

Reader: as a man speaketh unto his friend… Dr. Kinley: um-hum

Reader: and he turned again into the camp… Dr. Kinley: Now you see he turned again into the camp - all right.

Reader: but his servant Yahshua… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: the son of Nun Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: a young man… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: departed not out of the meeting tent… Dr. Kinley: departed not out of the tent. Read on.

Reader: And Moses said unto Yahweh, see thou sayest unto me, bring up this people, and thou hast not let me know whom thou wilt send with me. Yet thou hast said I know thee by name that thou hast also found grace in my sight. Now therefore, I pray thee, if I have found grace in thy sight, show me now thy way that I may know thee, that I may find grace in they sight and consider that this nation is thy people…

Dr. Kinley: um-hum

Reader: And He said my presence shall go before thee, and I will…

Dr. Kinley: Now hold it, hold it, hold it. Hold tight! See there, cause you have to hold it. My presence shall go before thee. Now there’s many a preacher gets up here in this pulpit and preach, AND YOU DON’T RECOGNIZE THE PRESENCE OF YAHWEH MANIFESTED AND DEMONSTRATED IN THEM (now listen now) who are His sons, sons of Yahweh. Now He said my presence shall go before thee. Read on.

Reader: and I will give thee rest… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: And he said unto Him, if they presence go not with me, carry us not up hence. For wherein shall it be known here that I and thy people have found grace in thy sight? It is not in that thou goest with us? So shall we be distinguished, I and thy people, from all the people that are upon the face of the earth…

Dr. Kinley: Now that’s right. Now then you’ll find there (I don’t have time to read it, the whole verse) but the cloud come down, the cloud come down in front of this door here. While that young man set still in that tabernacle, in that tent, the cloud come down.

Reader: 9th verse Dr. Kinley: (Repeats) read.

Reader: And it came to pass as Moses entered into the meeting tent, the cloudy pillar descended…

Dr. Kinley: The cloudy pillar descended, and that is to say it come down.

Reader: and stood at the tent door… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: of the meeting tent Dr. Kinley: and stood at the door of the meeting tent. Reader: and Yahweh talked with Moses…

Dr. Kinley: and Yahweh talked to Moses. Now this is what I’m trying to show you, this is what I’m trying to tell you. And this third trip that he goes into the mountain, it wasn’t like this one when He told Moses, rose up there and told him, said “Now you tarry here for us until we return again unto you,” it wasn’t like that at all. And Moses took that table of stones and went on up in that mountain. And that young man set right there in that tent and He didn’t go up there in physical bodily presence with Moses. BUT HE WENT UP WITH HIM! We got something here now. Don’t you perceive that we have something here?

Students: Yes sir.

Dr. Kinley: Now here’s what happened: He took the elevator! Now here’s what I mean by taking the elevator. He went up in the cloud, the inner-man went on up in that cloud with Moses. Somebody say, “Now wait a minute now, just take it easy now feller, just take it easy,” because people evidently they can’t even see off the end of their nose; even when they read something, and looking right at it they can’t discern it.

Now look at what I’m gonna say here. See Him going up in this mountain in this cloud was a figure of Him ascending here in the cloud or in the spirit as He done when come up out of the grave. And they saw Him actually in a vision that is in the ascension. Did you catch on now to what I’m talking about?

Students: Yes

Dr. Kinley: Now I said He was up there! And to prove it, that it is the same that went up in that cloud that come down and stood before the door. And He went up in that cloud in His inner-man, and was up there. And Moses placed those tables of stones right back where he had the previous tables of stone. And Yahweh-Elohim put his hand over his face (can’t see Him in the face and live). Now before when he went up there he was looking right at His face, and he was talking to Him face to face and all that kinda thing. See put His hand over his face, and then took the other hand and reached over his shoulder and wrote in the second tables of stone the words that was in the other tables of stone. In other words it’s etching, meaning this: When I say etching this is what I mean: that He wrote clear through the tables of stone, the backside and inside, clear through it. Now listen, when He took His hand from off his face then Moses turned around, Moses seen His hinder parts but he did not see Him in the face. Now that’s what your book says. Now I brought that up to show you that when he was up there that time, that last time, then he seen the transgression. He had to appear to Moses up there and tell him about his birth in that woman, and the penalty for that transgression. You understand what I’m talking about?

Students: Yes, yes, um-hum.

Dr. Kinley: He looked to Moses just like He was when He was sitting out there in the tent with Moses. In other words Yahweh can spring down to a little (you see what I’m talking about) and then He can spring back to here. You follow what I mean?

Students: Yes sir

Dr. Kinley: And then He told Moses when he saw that transgression… Indeed that was Yahshua. Yes, the inner-man that set still in that tent and didn’t go out was up there and wrote on them tables of stone, put that body right back on, physical body right back on, and Moses saw Him. And listen, he didn’t only see Him (I’m talking about Moses now) Moses didn’t only see Him, he heard what He said!

All that you’re reading over here in this Genesis, Genesis in its totality is a vision. And now it’s great when you get down to it; see when you get down to it now it’s great. And I wanna tell you this: Now Moses looked right at Him create the heavens and the earth. Moses looked right at Him create Adam. He heard what He said to Adam, Moses heard Him. Now you know why I brought that up. I brought that up because I had the 1st chapter of Revelations read. And if you paid any attention to it, He told John, said what you see and hear write in a book and send it to the Vatican!

Students: No sir! No sir! Dr. Kinley: It’s got to be imprimatured. (Dr. Kinley chuckles) Ain’t this terrible? But send it to the seven churches which are in Asia. Now listen to what I’m saying. Now what you see and hear… read that verse there in the 1st chapter of Revelations.

Reader: saying what thou seest… Dr. Kinley: What verse is it?

Reader: 11th verse Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: what thou seest… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: write in a book… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: and send it unto the seven assemblies which are in Asia

Dr. Kinley: and send it unto the… Now here’s what I’m trying to tell you people; now this is what I’m trying to say to you, and I hope you understand it. Now you with your little carnal mind are inadequate, you are inadequate, you and your little carnal mind to take this book which we call the bible, and figure all this out. YOU CAN’T DO IT! It didn’t come that way and you’re not gonna figure it out like that!

Now it seems strange for Moses to be born after the flood, then he looked back (now listen to what I’m saying) and then to look back and see the creation of the greater and more perfect tabernacle, and to hear and see… Suppose you read the 1st chapter of Genesis there (what verse is it) so I can get this over to you to give you something to think about.

Reader: In the beginning Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: Elohim created the heavens and earth...

Dr. Kinley: Read on now I’m in a hurry. I’ll have to be in a hurry, so I’m trying to cover a whole lot’a ground.

Reader: and the earth was without form, and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep, and the Spirit of Elohim moved upon the face of the waters, and Elohim said, “Let there be light, and there was light…”

Dr. Kinley: Now just a minute. Now Moses is telling you that Yahweh said, he heard Him say let there be light. And if he hadn’t heard Him say let there be light, he couldn’t have said that He said it. Now how ‘bout that? Now you see though what I’m talking about? Now that’s what I try my best, every time you see me get up here I try my best to carry you into the depths of things and showed you things that you ought to know (what for) that you might be concerned in your quest. And that you might be fed. You must have some bread. You must have some other food to eat; you must have something. That’s the reason why we say COME TO SCHOOL! If you don’t come to school and eat or be fed, then you’ll starve to death of malnutrition. Now I give it to you straight. And always the Devil will say this to you. “Well you can stay at home and Yahweh can reveal things to you at home just as well as He can down at that school.” Well I’ll tell you one thing that He told ‘em to do at home, and they did it, and they haven’t understood it yet, and that is this: He told ‘em to eat that Passover, and they haven’t understood that yet. Now how about that? [Doc laughs] You see that now. So the best thing for you to do is come on down school, get your eyes opened, learn something.

Now we told you many times that the Holy Spirit is the teacher down here, and He speaks through women and men and children as for that matter. He was able even to speak through a jackass once – right?

Students: Right

Dr. Kinley: So you know good and well if He could speak through a jackass He oughta be able to speak through somebody around here, wouldn’t you think?

Students: Yes.

Dr. Kinley: And I wanna tell you something else while I’m, right while I’m on that score. You haven’t ever learned no where you’ve ever been what you have learned down here in this school. Just what I have said tonight you haven’t never heard that before in your life out there in no church. What do you mean? I mean you haven’t heard out there in no church that (well, I’ll take it from here, cause there the picture is back way down there on that chart). You haven’t never heard nobody say that Moses looked at Yahweh create Adam, and heard what He said to him, put him in the garden, took the woman out of him. Moses cannot write these things unless he hears it in a vision. Now then they have to be confirmed. If it was just Moses alone and by himself that’s writing what he’s writing here then we could say… We have to have a witness. I’m not talking about Jehovah’s Witness, of course I know you know that now, but everything has to be witnessed.

So now then, here on the Isle of Patmos He sent and signified it by His angel. And right while we’re on that I don’t know if I made this clear to you and I think I should as of now. Now this is a rough one; it’s awful rough. You’ve heard the words said before. When Moses was at the burning bush and Yahweh told him to take off his shoes from his feet, then you read that it was a angel, and next right in that same paragraph then you read it was Elohim, and just keep right on reading about the same thing in the same conversation at the same time and then you find out it’s Yahweh. And Yahweh said to Moses, what’s that you have in your hand? He said, “A rod.” Cast it on the ground. And he cast it on the ground and it became a serpent. He said pick it up by the tail. Then he picked it up by the tail and it was a rod again. Now here’s what I’m trying to tell you in that: Yahweh is everything that exists, the good, bad, and indifferent, in your way of thinking. Somebody say, “Well He didn’t create the Devil, I know that.” Yes He did. Well somebody say, “Well what good is he; he ain’t no good!” I beg your pardon, he’s good! “Good for what?” Good for the purpose in which Yahweh created him. What’s the matter with you? And did you know how Yahweh told Moses when he was out there in the wilderness, and then I’ll run along, He told him that He was gonna harden Pharaoh’s heart. And Pharaoh is a type of that serpent, and He said He was gonna harden his heart. He had to be puffed up some; Satan is just a little too soft, you have to tighten him up; you have to harden him up.

Now some folks think “Well I don’t have to go down there, I know all about that teaching, I understand everything.” I got some news for you, and the news I have for you is you’ll be learning in the ages yet to come. What experience have you had with an incorporeal body when you’ve had a physical body all your life? Now how ‘bout that? Somebody said, “Well you remember, what about reincarnation.” Yes, I’ve heard about it. Reincarnation, well there ain’t but one real good case of that, and I’ll tell you about that. You want me to tell you about that?

Students: Yes

Dr. Kinley: Yahshua sent the disciples out to cast out the devil out of men. And they went out and cast them out! And they walked through, Yahshua said, dry places seeking rest and finding none, so they went right back to the house in which they were cast out of, couldn’t break in. They had to go get the legions. They had to go get some help, and they broke in, legions, and the latter end of that person or those persons was worse than it was at first. How do you know? They said “Crucify Him.” Now that’s a case of reincarnation. But now after Yahshua the Messiah rose from the dead He sent ‘em out to cast out devils. You know it just dawned on me to tell you this too. Judas, you know, was right along with ‘em casting out devils and healing the sick. [LAUGHTER] Here he is right along with ‘em. Now you can see now, you can see how Yahweh’s made the devil. You can see how you just have to have some help, if you don’t you can’t discern the devil, cause he’s out here using his little old bottle of oil just like the rest of them disciples was, healing the sick and going right along with ‘em now two by two. And he was out there just healing the sick, Judas, now healing the sick now mind you. Somebody say, “Well now I don’t see how he could do that.” I do, I can see how he done it. Yes indeed. So you’ll just have to have, you just have to have… Now you know what that makes me think about. See when He sent ‘em out the next time after His resurrection… Well I should tell you this way. See when He sent ‘em out the first time they had to bring back legions. When they returned to the place out of which they were cast they found the house swept and garnished all cleaned up and everything, swept and garnished. Can I draw a little picture here?

Students: Yes

Dr. Kinley: the roaches and the bed bugs and the rats, all that stuff… [Doc chuckles] had to get a new paint job, swept and all garnished, got all the parasites and everything out of it. How ‘bout that? But now see he had to go and legions before they broke in there. But now He sent ‘em out after He resurrected from the dead. And they went out and they preached and He gave them nine different gifts. That’s the reason why I think it’s so stupid for somebody say, be saying around, “Well if Dr. Kinley’s so great, and he healed all them folks, why won’t he heal this on and that one and the other? See picking out somebody for me to heal. I ain’t never healed nobody. Why should I be standing around going to somebody and then heal somebody when Yahshua the Messiah said He hadn’t? He said it was His Father in Him that did the works. I wanna know if that’s right.

Students: That’s right

Dr. Kinley: But now see you can tell what that is in there that cause them people to talk like that. And listen here let me tell you something else. I think I should tell you this (of course people can misuse it) Yahweh declared the end from the beginning; He know what’s going on, He knows who gonna be saved and who’s gonna be lost. He already knows Bishop. And if He didn’t know He couldn’t declare the end from the beginning; it’d be impossible for Him to do that. And everything is going along just fine. He’s working everything after the counsel of His own will, and Satan is an asset rather than a liability. Just like He used Pharaoh down there and hardened his heart, got him all puffed up, and then overthrown him in the wilderness or in the Red Sea. Sometimes you have to come down here and get kinda toughened up. What I mean by that is you think you know it all. Then you wanna get up and start some kind of an argument with somebody.

Well now after His resurrection and they went out and cast them devils out (now remember I told you about that case with reincarnation), but now look, them that they cast the devils out of, when they were cast out they found that the house was occupied, occupied by the Holy Spirit and sealed unto the day of redemption, and there won’t be no chance of breaking in. Do you see what I’m saying to you?

Students: Yes sir

Dr. Kinley: …just won’t be any, no chance of you breaking in. Now what I’ve said thus far, I’m trying to condense it and show you that Moses he had to see and hear all these things. And to show you how great it is, how great it is that Yahweh could pick up a man down here in this world, after the flood, pick up a man down there, and then carry him all the way on back into His rest. Now when I say into His rest, here’s why I said it. Because you see He wasn’t doing anything at all when Moses saw it. He wasn’t trying to create anything at all. So Moses had to see right from the word go, and hear what He said to everybody all down the line.

Now children this is wonderful, it’s wonderful, when you come to a knowledge of things, and when you come to the understanding of it, and how great Yahweh really is. And just don’t be using His name at random, and now don’t be talking like a fool. And be able to see and try to learn, and Yahweh will (get this straight) Yahweh will reveal things to you, but He won’t do it not under your conditions, it’s a certain time for Him to reveal it. He knows you can’t fool Him, 3rd chapter of Ecclesiastes and the 1st verse, and I’ll move.

Reader: To everything there is a season… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: and a time to every purpose…

Dr. Kinley: Now wait just a minute. Wait just a minute. To everything there is a season. Now Paul told Timothy to preach the gospel, and to be instant in season and out of season, exhort and rebuke with all long suffering and doctrine, for the time will come when (which is now present) when they will not hear sound doctrine, but they’ll heap unto themselves teachers having itching ears, from such turn away. In other words they want somebody up here in the pulpit that’s gonna preach to ‘em what they wanna hear; that’s what’s the matter with them folks in church. And the things, some of the things I’ve said to you here tonight you have never heard ‘em before in your life. You haven’t even heard ‘em here. I don’t remember saying nothing like that to you. But those are the deep things, and this is a school.

Now the reason why we had her to turn over there in Ecclesiastes, now there’s a time for you to stop acting a fool. Now listen at what I’m gonna say. Now you heard preachers talk about Noah and the ark, and the building the ark a 120 years in the end of that age. You heard about when Jesus come along in the end of that age. And we just got through telling you, now it’s a pretty tough thing for Him to heal all the sick people that come to Him. Didn’t leave out none, wasn’t anyone turned down, He healed all the sick people and lepers and first one thing and another. Are you listening?

Students: Yes sir

Dr. Kinley: and then, and come right down to it, they’re standing out there hollowing, “Crucify Him.” Never have no man told you since you’ve been in the world the things that I have told you that Yahweh give to me to give to you. Ain’t nobody ever told you nothing like that, and you’re liar if you say that they have. I know people say, “Yeah they preach that down to our church.” No they don’t.

Now Yahweh had to catch me on up in the spirit and take me right back to these points where Moses and that John and the rest of ‘em was AND SHOW ME JUST LIKE HE DID THEM AT THE CLOSE OF THIS AGE, and then here I come telling you. Now listen, as far as you know right now, you do not know of another man nowhere, as a religious leader in this present age, you don’t know of any, and you have never seen one that could stand up and tell you that what Yahshua was doing was fulfilling the law and the prophets. Now the reason why I went as I went, I carried you back to there and showed you that it was Yahweh incarnated in a incorporeal body, and also in a physical body, and showed Moses what He showed him, otherwise he couldn’t know anything about it. Are you listening?

Student: Yes

Dr. Kinley: And when Yahshua the Messiah who the people have such little respect for, come along and told the people, “Think not that I’ve come to destroy, but to fulfill.” Are you listening? Are you listening?

Students: Yes sir

Dr. Kinley: See He couldn’t have ever said that He was gonna fulfill every jot and every tittle of it, if what was in that body wasn’t the one that instituted it, He couldn’t have said that. [Tape goes blank for about 5 seconds]

Now since you have gotten down, since you have gotten down to the place where they say it’s a shortage of everything… I’ll tell you one thing they’re really long in, hypocrite preachers. See these demonic spirits incarnated in physical bodies they’re really long on that, no shortage there; there might be a shortage on everything else… How ‘bout that? And everybody…[Side 2]… on channel 4 I believe it was, said things were out, quite a few of ‘em. And they were saying as though it was ----- that the United States had only 40 more days and it would be over for ‘em. I say give ‘em some news. See the thing is all ready over with, it’s as messed up and corrupt as it can be, politics, religion, and everything else, and the shortages and all that you see that are here. Now look folks, now listen. Now since you see things are as they are, and they are daily in front of you, now what we have to do (now we just have to do this) we have to get up and we just must tell you the truth about the thing so that you could be filled, so that you can be admonished and encouraged, we have to do it.

And that’s the reason why we brought these names up here. Now a lot’a people all are hemmed up on that. Now this is what they don’t know about these names that we have on the board up here, Yahweh and Yahshua, a lot of ‘em don’t know it. They don’t realize that those names and title was taken out of the bible; they don’t’ realize that. And look they don’t wanna make no research to find out and know something about the truth about it. Lord, Jehovah, and Baal is one and the same. Lord is not a name it is a title. God is not a name it is a title. And it is Yahweh Himself that causes these names to be placed back in the book. I told you that these things would happen. I told you when we put that book out in nineteen hundred and sixty-one I said the world would get busy and they’ll start putting them names back in there. Didn’t I tell you they’d do that?

Students: That’s right. Yes.

Dr. Kinley: and they’re passing these bibles all over every place. And when we went to Rome that name Yahweh is in the library at Rome. And Cardinal Gramillion he said I see you use the true names! If there ever was an indictment that was one; they know them names are right. Now what I try to do is prove things to you, show you how that you could prove things.

Now we had the 1st chapter of Revelations read where He told Israel, uh I mean what He told John to write. Now listen, now listen. It says there in Exodus that you couldn’t look Him in the face and live. Now if you were over in the 1st chapter of Revelations John looked Him in the face, listen, and he heard the voice as the sound of many waters. Question, why, because when Moses was up there in that mountain, and he seen the earth inundated or surrounded with water, and the spirit of Yahweh moving upon the face of the waters, and He had a sound like you’d see the wind blowing the waves. Go out there and stand on the seashore and those waves come in and beat up against the planks see that would even shake the earth. See His voice was as the sound of many waters. And He told him, now what you see write it in a book. Now listen people I’m trying to tell you, now you just don’t go over here in Genesis and Exodus and around in the prophecies and so forth and so on and just grab up things and say you’re preaching the scriptures, and you’re this and you’re that and the other. That ain’t the way it’s done to prove something. Your bible calls for John being on the Isle of Patmos, and he’s got to be in there on time; you have time him. You even got to know what’s got to take place, first things first. And if you’ll notice what he said there in the first part of it… read it there doc.

Reader: Now the revelation of Yahshua the Messiah… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: which Yahweh gave unto him…

Dr. Kinley: Now wait just a minute, whom the Father gave unto him, all right.

Reader: to show unto His servant… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: things which must shortly come to pass… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Dr. Kinley: and He sent… Reader: Hold it; I don’t have time to go into this. It was AD96 out here. Now then it was 96… Well let’s say it this way, it ain’t just like I’m gonna say it here, but I’m trying to say it in such a way that you’ll understand it. It would be from 36 down, I mean from 33 down, then you’d be in this age. And then from 33 three down where that --- --- down to 96, this much….

Student: 63

Dr. Kinley: What? Student: 63

Dr. Kinley: 63, that much of that two days was gone. In other words you don’t have 2 full days or 2000 years, and therefore this thing is gonna shortly come to pass. You follow that? Now you take Psalms 90:4 then you will see about it shortly coming to pass. Read that Psalms 90:4.

Reader: For a thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past…

Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: as a watch in the night…

Dr. Kinley: and as a watch in the night. So the 2000 years they don’t mean much, not to Yahweh. Well why not, because He’s eternal, see just like a watch in the night. And you didn’t have but 2 days (4 of ‘em was gone before Yahshua the Messiah come through the loins of the woman, 4 days) and you didn’t have but two more days left. So if a 1000 years is as a watch in the night, and as far as that first day of the new age it’s gone, so therefore John said He showed His servant things that must shortly come to pass. There’s some things that haven’t yet been done, and it will come to pass. All right read where you were there in Revelations

Reader: And He sent and signified by His angel unto His servant, John…

Dr. Kinley: and He sent and signified it by His angel or to His servant John. Now listen, don’t you see here at the burning bush he sent and signified it by His angel. Now you got an angel, next thing you got there, and then you got Elohim. And the next thing right there in that same place then you got Yahweh. What’s happening is this: Yahweh will be (if we could just get that in our heads) whatever He wills to be. Now somebody say, “What is that?” Let me answer that for you, 15th chapter of 1st Corinthians and verse 28.

Reader: And when all things shall be subdued unto Him…

Dr. Kinley: Now and when all things shall be subdued or brought under control – read.

Reader: then shall the Son also Himself… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: be subject unto Him… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: that put all things under Him… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: that Yahweh may be all in all…

Dr. Kinley: That Yahweh…now that’s all folks. Yahweh can…there isn’t anything exist but Yahweh. See He’s the angel and Yahshua, in you, you in Him. The difference is, conscious and unconscious of it. Now these things are starting to come to pass.

Now if you went over in the 2nd chapter of Revelations, and then you’ve got those 7 churches. Then he said, or it’s over there in the 1st chapter, John said he saw Him walking amongst the 7 golden candlesticks – that’s in the 1st chapter, with the 7 stars in His right hand. Now I wanna show you what I’m talking about. Now there’s been debates, there’s been arguments, there’s been folks up here to say to me (now I’m not accusing you I don’t want you to think that, we got some limitations in understanding here) said “Look, I don’t think that Moses saw Him in the tabernacle before he did the creation.” We had to worry with that for a while. Now I don’t think they were saying it just to be mean and in defiance, they just couldn’t see no further. Well now for your information, and you, so that you don’t never make a blunder like that no more. Whatever Moses sees up here Joshua the Son of Nun is got to be out here on the Isle of Patmos in the beginning of his vision. Now here’s Moses, Moses is coming this way. John he’s in here, and he’s going along the same way Moses was going. That’s why he heard the voice behind him. That’s the reason why we tell you, you got to look behind you and see the law and the prophets; you got’a, now you must turn around and see. Somebody say, “Well we ain’t living under the law now.” Yes you are. You’re living under the greatest law that you ever lived under, now, and you’re gonna always be under it. And what law I’m talking about is the Spirit of Life which was in Yahshua the Messiah, you ain’t never been from under that law and you never will get from under it; that’s the Law that brought everything in. Now there’s a difference between that Law and the law contained in the ordinances. They’re in this bible, they’re tough, they’re hard, but they’re fair. And so now John is out on the Isle of Patmos, and he heard that voice behind him as the sound of many waters, and he turns, and when he turns he sees Yahshua. Is that right? I wanna know if that’s right or not.

Students: Right

Dr. Kinley: Well I’ll give you this one. Well it’s 7 golden candlesticks, what’s that all about? See now did you ever think of this. See that now? See you have to see Yahshua walking through the midst of the 7 golden candlesticks. Now look, right while I’m on that I wanna tell you this. Now let this one soak and never let it go. It’s been said here I don’t know how many times. Yahweh Elohim (or Elohim that’s the title for Yahweh in shape and form) He is the Archetype or the Original Pattern of the Universe. Now if He is that, I say if He is that, then can’t you see Moses is got to see Him first. Can’t you see John’s got to see Him first? And He is the pattern, and He is the tabernacle. Now how ‘bout that? He saw Him walking in the midst of the golden candlestick. Point Him on out here, see He’d been crucified, but they saw Him walking in this Holy Place in the midst of this candlestick. Now look, what I just said (now follow me now) what I just said is His feet were as burnish brass. Now these vessels out here in the Outer Court had brass. Now look, we talked about his eye there in Revelation, talked about Moses not seeing Him, had a veil over his face, and then you got to set the tabernacle ----- -----. Now Moses wasn’t the high priest that officiated in that tabernacle. Who did?

Students: Aaron

Dr. Kinley: Aaron. Now the real High Priest, the real, the real high one, (that was not Aaron) the High Priest was Yahshua the Messiah. But look I’m getting after it now. See John when he saw that the Shekinah would flash, he said His eyes were as flames of fired, His feet as burnish brass, and He had a girdle, girded with a golden girdle. I said therefore that He is the Sanctum, Sanctum of Sanctorum. He is the pattern Himself. Now don’t come back telling me no more that He wasn’t first before anything else. He has to be first. Then here everything in the universe, now listen now, then everything in the universe it must favor it… the cell, the atom (now it’s got to be one atom there and it’s just gonna have two parts, the other has three). The hydrogen atom only has two parts that man has discovered. It has three parts, but man hasn’t discovered the other part of it. No man has seen Yahweh at any time either for your information. Now that don’t mean that He’s not there. You understood what I meant by that?

Students: Yes

Dr. Kinley: Now folks, let’s get down to the crux of the thing. I realize that the couple of hours is just about spent. Go back to the 3rd chapter of Ecclesiastes.

Reader: To everything there is a season… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: and a time to every purpose… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: under the heavens… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: a time to be born Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Student: Right Dr. Kinley: Hold it! There’s a time to be born. Now if it’s a time to be born…read.

Reader: and a time to die…

Dr. Kinley: then there’s a time to die. How ‘bout that? There’s a time to be born, a time to die. Now let me put my stuff in there. There’s a time for you to act a fool, and there’s a time for you to quit acting a fool and learn yourself some sense. All right read on there.

Reader: a time to plant… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: and a time to pluck up that which is planted…

Dr. Kinley: and a time to pluck up. See it’s a time to do these things. Now let’s look at this planting. Here John was planting, that is to say, planting Jews, not in the cemetery. We ain’t got time to fool with that now. We ain’t in that season now we’re plucking ‘em up, digging ‘em up, the resurrection is going on now. Now here’s what I’m trying to tell you. Brother Freddy and Dr. Harris preached a wonderful sermon already, but I just wanna bring this back in because you’re always gonna be confronted with it all the time.

Now this pattern dictates blood, water. Now what I’m trying to get over to you is this so you don’t make that blunder no more, so you can quit being a good Baptist… Are you listening?

Student: Yes

Dr. Kinley: Are you sure? Student: Yes

Dr. Kinley: Well now look, if this man had not shed His blood – that’s what all this shedding of blood back here pointed to. Now if when they were baptized by John in the River Jordan, listen, they had to confess their sins. And if they had to confess their sins, and they were baptized by John, that water did not wash their sins away. The water out here in the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, water just simply won’t do it. Now look back down there in the 1st chapter of Revelations and it says there and talking about it, He washed us! He washed us Baptist, He washed us from our sins - in what?

Students: His own blood.

Dr. Kinley: In His own blood. So don’t never tell nobody nothing like that no more. Then I wanna get something else in there too, (oh I’m anxious about it too). See this man not only had to shed His blood, and of course there ran out blood and water, He had to bow His head in the locks of His shoulders and die and go to hell or to the grave. And if He hadn’t come up out of there then His blood wouldn’t have washed away your sins, and your faith is in vain and you’re still yet in your sins. That’s the way it is. Do you understand what I’m talking about?

Students: Yes sir

Dr. Kinley: Listen folks, If Adam sinned and died, it’s gonna take the death of somebody. And no kidding either, I’m not talking about a trance I’m talking about a death. I’m not just talking about going to sleep and having a dream, you really got to be dead.

Now I wanna tell you something else. You ring that bell on me when the time comes. I took up all the time anyhow, I didn’t wanna do that. But I do wanna try to get the thing over, and that’s this. Now this is the time of year when people are calling it Christmas, celebrating His birthday and giving gifts and presents to one another. The Roman Catholic Church admits that they do not know, Christendom admits that they do not know the birthday of Yahshua the Messiah. But it was not in cold weather, it had to be in warm weather. What did you say that for? Romans 5:14, now I’m fixing to tell you when His birthday was. How ‘bout that? Is that all right?

Students: Yes sir

Dr. Kinley: Now if you wanted to go back over there in the 15th chapter of 1st Corinthians you would find that this man Adam here was the first man, and the second man Adam, was the Elohim from heaven. Now we want it this way, we wanna tell you now! We wanna tell you that this man, this physical man there in this body WAS A FIGURE; HE WAS AN IMAGE of Him that was to come. Read.

Reader: Nevertheless death reigned from Adam to Moses, even over then that had not sinned after the similitude of Adam’s transgression, who is the figure of Him that was to come.

Dr. Kinley: See this man Adam was created on the 6th day. If that be the case, and if Yahweh or Elohim from heaven is got to be a figure of this, then He’s got to come in on the 6th day. It can’t be in no other day, if it had then it couldn’t be a figure. And something else I wanna clear to you there too about these seasons. I said to begin with that it wasn’t in the winter time, didn’t I?

Student: Right

Dr. Kinley: You will find when He put Adam in that garden out there and took that woman out of her, He said that you could eat of all the fruit of the trees, in other words the trees were in fruition, and that don’t happen in the winter time. Now how ‘bout that one? You see that far don’t you? And Yahshua the Messiah was the fruit, and He had to go in on that 6th day – 6th day of what? Come in on Pentecost, 6th day of June; the Holy Spirit come on in incarnated in that body, born in the world.

I got something else I want to tell you about too, the devil don’t think about. Now there wasn’t no inns back here and no motels and no hotels. Get that straight too. So then he had to be born, Adam I’m talking about, or created. Now I’ll use these words, he had to be born of virgin mother earth before ever any sin was committed on her, had to be a virgin. Somebody say, “Well wasn’t the devil cast out’a here?” Yeah, but he didn’t have no, he didn’t have nothing to do with this other part of the garden; no he didn’t have thing to do with it. All right now. You see that everything was in fruition, and he could eat, and it was the season of the year where everything was in fruition. Now they got it just exactly backwards just like they have everything else. And this is what they’re saying, I just told you that. They say that the 25th day of December (Roman Catholics say it) they say it’s a day set aside to celebrate His birthday, we don’t actually know. Well if you understood how to go in there and prove things like I’ve been trying to show you, if you understood how to do that, then you wouldn’t have no problems with it. Your problems would all be over. And the fruit that was in that garden back there symbolized the fruit of the spirit, or the attributes, or in other words the natural prefigures the spiritual. You follow, do you understand?

Students: Yes

Dr. Kinley: See now there’s a time and a season for everything under the heavens, a time to be born, a time to die, a time to what?

Reader: a time to plant… Dr. Kinley: Yes

Reader: and a time to pluck up that which was planted…

Dr. Kinley: a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which was planted. So now what we’re trying to pluck up that that was planted. [Bell rings] See the other fella buried, see he’s dead. See you don’t need to be buried. You’re dead, and the body, see hell was removed from beneath to meet you at your coming, so then you are dead right in here, and so we’re trying to resurrect you.

Now I hope you’ve gotten something out of what I had to say. Now I tried and I tried hard. And one of the most important things that I tried to do was to show you that these men were not just setting down writing up their imaginations; they heard Yahweh talking. Noah heard Yahweh. He heard them 7 thunders, and he seen and he heard and looked right at Him; had their own personal vision of light.

And there’s something else I wanna mention here too, and I think it’s -----and it shouldn’t ever be overlooked. And the reason why I’m saying it to you is because you got a book of Abraham on the open market. And you got a book of (I think I’ve got the 9th and 10th books of Moses; 8, 9&10, and Leviticus 9&10 of something, 6, 7, 8, 9&10 or something like that). Anyway, now listen to me. Now that was Yahweh incarnated in a body that was walking around. Now this is what I’m trying to point out to you so you can see. This really is important, it’s important for you to see. I heard that bell. But what I’m getting at to show you is this: Yahshua the Messiah was Yahweh incarnated in the flesh. The book says that, and if you don’t think it does, I’ll read it. Anybody don’t think He was hold up your hand. Well now He was that incarnated in a physical body. Now here’s the importance of what I’m trying to get you to see. After His resurrection He began at Moses after His resurrection. The reason why He began with Moses and He didn’t begin with Adam, Enoch, Abraham, Noah, let me say Isaac, Jacob nor nobody, the reason why He did not do that is because He never revealed it to them the creation of the heaven and earth, and they could not write about it. Moses was the only one back there, and that’s the reason why. Now remember now I told you that that was Yahweh incarnated in a body, and since Yahweh’s incarnated in a body He ought to know of whom that He’s revealed something to somebody to write it so that he at least would begin in the right place. Do you understand what I’m talking about? That’s why I tell you, listen, Moses and none of ‘em, Enoch the 7th from Adam, he never wrote nothing. And when you stop and think it all out of good…

I’ll put something else in there too I hope you’ll never forget. Now let me reiterate. Look here, see this, even after the end of this world, and this world is ended and another world, you pick up a man down here in this world and goes on back into the eternity and comes on out there. Now you should realize now we talking about something great! And all them boys, Plato, Aristotle, Socrates and Spencer and Huxley and all them boys, see they couldn’t do nothing like that, no indeed. And look, He demonstrated, that’s what you have there in the 2nd chapter of Revelations, Acts I believe it is, where He raised Him from the dead, and was giving full assurance that that was Him in that physical body. And that is what it has to be in me and you in order to understand this great deep secret, esoteric secret and revelation, and impart it to mankind so that he can have some understanding of it. See faith comes by hearing, and if you don’t hear the thing straight then you can’t have no faith because you don’t know how the thing works. See you have to put it together right, and then you’ll have some confidence, and then you’ll have some faith in it. I hope you’ve gotten something out of it.

Audience: Applause