Day of Yahweh: Spirit, Soul, and Body

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DR. KINLEY: ...Now here's what I want you to see ___, this is what I want you to see. If now all these could tell you ___ ___ then this day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night. The Day will come as a thief in the night. That's the reason why I said the Day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night. Now you watch and listen. Now then, these angels that God created in the realm of eternity, and cast them down to the earth and remember the earth abides.., was created in and abides in Him, the sun and the moon and everything abides within the cloud or within God or in eternity; it abides there. It never has been out and it never will.

Now God has established a decree, what shall transpire and what shall take place. Now listen, this is the way it's to be, now if this takes place in the cloud and the cloud was a burning cloud, a burning fire, the cloud, in the eyes of the children of Israel who encamped around the mount at the cloud was a consuming fire or the cloud denoting spirit, spirit was the fire. Now look, look, and the only description you get was a pillar of fire by night and a cloud by day. It took this cloud, notice it took this shape and form. Now if that's the way that God took on spirit, I mean God took on shape and form or spirit took on shape and form, this is form here. And Moses looked at Him and said, `God created the man in His own likeness and in His own image and in His own shape and form. Is that right? Now do you see that? Now here's what I want you to see here is, and I want you to read Romans 1:20.

READER: For the invisible things of him

DR. KINLEY: Now the invisible God and the invisible angels and the invisible things of God

READER: from the creation of the world

DR. KINLEY: from the creation, the creation, remember I told you it took place in the realm of eternity, it took place in this cloud which is a burning fire, the creation of the angels, and also of the physical earth in that burning cloud, in that burning fire; representing a day without a beginning, a day without an ending, or an eternal God inhabiting eternity. Now, do you understand me? Do you understand that thus far, are you with me? Do you understand what I'm talking about?

MAN: No.

DR. KINLEY: Alright then. Now then, if that's true, it come in in a cloud in the Day. Now those angels that sinned, God cast them down to earth. Watch, watch and see this, now if this cloud is indescribable as to shape and form, and the cloud denotes the presence of God, and from this indescribable cloud that was a burning fire, then in that He's taking on shape and form. `What did you say that for?' Well, when the Children of Israel went through the Red Sea, they said they saw no similitude in the cloud, but the same cloud when it hovered over Mount Sinai as you see here, then they did see shape and form. So it did take on some shape and form. Is that right? You understand that now? Now then, if this incorporeal come from spirit and took on form here, shape and form, matter then.., if matter itself.., or the creation of the earth, it has got to come without shape and form.

And you have it in Genesis, `in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, and the earth was without form, it's without a shape, darkness covered the face of the deep.' Is that right? Is that right?

MAN: That's right.

DR. KINLEY: You sure?

MAN: Sure.

DR. KINLEY: And then if the invisible is understood by the visible, then if the visible didn't have no shape and form, ___ ___ ___ in the beginning of the earth. The reason why it didn't have none was because spirit didn't have no describable shape and form. So the invisible is seen and understood by the visible. So then the visible must be produced without shape and form first. Is that right? And then God shaped and formed out of that chaos or that conglomerated mass the vegetable and the animal kingdom and everything, just like out of pure spirit, He's taking on shape and form. And then incorporeal here by Himself here and the angels, they're incorporeal. We call this a superincorporeal, in order that you might call that corporeal. Now do you see that now?

Now all of this come in in this cloud. This cloud was a consuming fire in the eyes of the Children of Israel. Then if the cloud is.., denotes spirit. Spirit is God and God is a consuming fire and the creation is coming in, the visible creation is coming in from spirit: incorporealization and materialization is coming from spirit. Why? Because that's the source from whence it came and that is the destiny and which it shall return after that it has accomplished everything that God had prescribed or predicted or said would come to pass: we call that the purpose of God. Is that right? You understand? Now do you see what I just explained to you.

Now in the 24th chapter of Exodus you'll find and read about the cloud and you'll find in Exodus about the Children of Israel going out of the land of Egypt led by the cloud, out of Egypt, nobody got no excuses. Get the point? And you can see it coming in in this burning cloud, the wrath of God. If it can come in that way, then it will go out just like it come in, it will be dissolved, consequently the wrath of God is revealed from heaven. To whom? Shown to them. Them who? The children of Israel, where is their excuse? They don't have any. You see the point?

Now while we're sitting around He's telling you and he explains it. Now here's the boy explaining it, but suppose you, before we go there. I just said you didn't have an excuse. Somebody says, `well, Dr. Kinley said you didn't have an excuse.' No, no. Don't put that one on me. Alright. Read Romans the 20th verse.

READER: for the invisible things of him

DR. KINLEY: for the invisible things of him

READER: from the creation of the world

DR. KINLEY: from the creation of the world

READER: are clearly seen

DR. KINLEY: Now look, clearly seen. You don't have to speculate or guess, it's seen real clear, the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen.

READER: being understood

DR. KINLEY: being understood

READER: by the things that are made

DR. KINLEY: Being understood by the things that are made

READER: even

DR. KINLEY: Wait just a minute, cause you don't understand the invisible. Now Moses looking at this incorporeal being, seeing pure spirit taking on shape and form and seeing this man here, this spirit this cloud here. Then when he sees this man, take this man from the dust of the earth, then he says this man Adam was made in the likeness and image of that man. So then the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made when God made this form and how it right after this pattern, and that eliminates my excuse for ignorance, cause this man is made in the likeness and image of God. Is that right?

Now if I'll take and.., and let's say analyze this man. I'm using the cloud as universal substance then this man has a soul the comprehensive part of you, the conscience. He has a body. Is that right? And spirit functions through... So he's spirit, soul, and body. He's made in the likeness and image of the godhead. Is that right? Now remember I said spirit, God is spirit. That's the god part of you. His soul, that's the conscious part of it. And body, and it's manifested in there so you can see. He's made in the likeness and image of God. Now he is not 3 distinctive personalities, you don't have no excuse to think that man is made in likeness and image of God. And there's one God and there's one man. Get the point? So you don't have no excuse to not understand and not know, cause there it is right there. Get the point? Now do you see that now?

'MAN:' First you said soul was the conscious part of...

DR. KINLEY: I said conscience.

MAN: Conscience. Now does the spirit abode there even the spirit of iniquity or the spirit of righteousness abode there?

DR. KINLEY: Now, that's one of the things I want you to see there. Now when Adam sinned back there in the Garden of Eden. God told him the day that ye eat of the fruit of the tree, said, `you will surely die.' Now the ___ ___ put ___ on right there. What happened? What happened?

MAN: He died in his conscience.

DR. KINLEY: Died in his conscience ___. Now to prove that he did. The bushes.

MAN: Yes he did.

DR. KINLEY: `What are you running for?'

MAN: It wasn't the fruit was forbidden.

DR. KINLEY: How's that?

MAN: It was in his disobedience.

DR. KINLEY: God told him not to touch of that. And he done what God told him not to do. Now Paul put it this way, `by one man's disobedience death was passed upon all.' Now that, no sooner he touched it, his conscience is condemned. Now Ezekiel, Isaiah (now are you listening?) said, `the soul that sinneth, he shall die.' Are you listening? Every sin, so says Paul, that a man commits is without the body. The body is under the supervision and influence of the mind. Is that right?

MAN: How about his soul doc.

DR. KINLEY: How's that?

MAN: What about his soul. What's the difference between a mind and soul?

DR. KINLEY: The difference between a mind and a soul, they are one and the same. Now I didn't say spirit and mind were the same thing.

MAN: Yeah, you did.

DR. KINLEY: No, I didn't say that. Spirit is so far above mind. ___ that part, that thing is almost incomprehensible because now if you notice, if you look, most all attitudes and dispositions... Paul said, `when I would do good, then evil was present, and the good thing that he really would do that was the very thing that he didn't do.' Ain't that right? Now, I'm showing you this: now God is spirit. Now I say that God as a man was spirit, that's the standard of righteousness and it never changes. The man's mind is subject is change. Mind is subject to change, but spirit isn't.

MAN: That's ___ mind is really invisible substance.

DR. KINLEY: Yes, that most certainly would

MAN: And so is spirit,

DR. KINLEY: That's right. That's right.

MAN: ___ ___

DR. KINLEY: Well, now Ronnie just.., mind is invisible substance. Spirit is invisible substance. Now are you listening for a minute. Are you listening? I tried to make a difference, make a distinction. Now this is superincorporeal. Then I wanted to tell you that the angels... I said you call Him superincorporeal, in order to call the angels incorporeal. Well now, what's the difference? Let's come on down here and get you.

What's the difference between you and the angels? We just read a while ago in the Book, since we been in the building, that they were far greater, the angels, in power and might, I mean the angels there, than the man. They're created that way, a higher form of creation. And I showed you that them angels was incarnated in man, satanic. Angels that's incarnated in.., the, the apostles were sent to drive `em out. Is that right? You understand?

Now that sin that he committed in his soul caused his mind to be depraved or carnal or guilty and not innocent. And the soul that sinneth, it shall die. Now there have been cases wherein that the whole outer man is called a soul. And God too has been referred to as the over soul, universal over soul, down in modern, philosophical, psychology, (I didn't get, I didn't get you up there, did I?) and the psychoanalyst, the ___, I could finish this statement.

MAN: ___ ___ soul?

DR. KINLEY: That's right. Now they're saying that they're wisest and the smartest people in the world because I'm teaching divine on this point, divine philosophical, psychology. Psychoanalyze you. They say man is composed.., I'm after them lines of demarkation, the man is composed of a universal, universal mind and that universal mind is drawn through the subconscious, subconscious mind.

MAN: I believe doc, you said in your book there was no such thing.

DR. KINLEY: Well, I'm after that right now. Now, I'm after that right now. And the thing that makes me after it, is because I'm trying to show you the difference between.., and the person that is talking about it being one and God being mind or spirit being mind, they're mistaken. They're not able to make that ___, the distinction between soul and spirit and the mind and the spirit and these things that you're dividing up here. Now let me get, let me get to the ___ here now.

Now if God is a universal mind, and the universal mind is drawn to God by the subconscious mind, and the conscious mind... Now all of that is mind. One is shoring up the other. And I described it in the book. And I said in the book, that there was no such thing as a subconscious mind. Now that's what your pastor's telling you about. And I further stated in the book that the modern philosophical psychologist, they weren't able to distinguish or draw a line of distinction between, the difference between the subconscious mind and the universal mind, and the conscious mind and the subconscious. They wasn't able to draw a line of distinction between that. Is that what you.., is that what I have in the book? But now I can. And now here's how I draw the line. Now I call this here according to the pattern. I call this the Court Around About. You see the point? And then I call, so the people back there can see, there's a line drawn right through here.

There's a line drawn right through here. This is the Outer Court, that's this part here. Into the door, you've got the Holy Place. Then there's a vail that divided between the Holy Place and Most Holy Place. Now this a type. Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Your body, your body and you are made in the likeness and image of God. Now this is spirit up here, and this is the soul in here. Is that right? And this whole thing the Outer Court is the body. And it's divided between.., the vail that divided the Holy Place from the Most Holy Place, and the vail that divided the Court from the Outer Court in you.

So then, I'm showing you the lines of distinction and telling you there is no such thing as a subconscious mind. And it's not a universal mind either, I didn't say that then and I'm saying it now. And I did say that God is not mind. God is spirit. And the difference between spirit and mind is one is a more... They said, they say more ethereal: the subconscious was more ethereal than the conscious mind. Well, God is more ethereal and more spiritual than, than any of that. You understand that? Well, since He's the source from whence everything comes. Now if there was a subconscious mind, see you've got me off on a ramification. If there was any such thing as a subconscious mind and a conscious mind and a universal mind or anything else, everything come from spirit, but certainly everything did not come from mind. God's not mind. God doesn't change. Don't you change your mind. I'm asking you, don't you?


DR. KINLEY: If you don't, you should.

MAN: ___ ___

DR. KINLEY: That's right.

MAN: Saying goes a wise man changes but a fool never does.

DR. KINLEY: You see what I'm talking about? When you discover you're wrong, you, you just should change. God has never been wrong to make any changes. Get the point? He's an unchanging God. Now, I, I kinda got off on a ramification. Now he asked me what was the difference. Now you see, if I would go into just what was the difference, it would almost have to be something that you'd have to comprehend in your own intellectual comprehension. And that was, here's pure spirit without shape and form. And this is __ ___, I mean with shape and form. If this is spirit and then this here would be soul and then if this come in a phys... in flesh, then it would be a body, sacrifice. Paul said to the brethren at Thessalonica, `I pray God that your whole soul, body, and spirit be preserved blameless until the coming of our lord Jesus Christ.' You wanna read that?

MAN: Yes.

DR. KINLEY: Find it there for me right quick, it's in Thessalonians I think the, I'm not sure the 1st, 2nd Thessalonians and the last verse of the first chapter I believe it is, last 2 verses I hope. 2nd Thessalonians. If not there then find it, I know it's in there. Now look, look right up here. Now this is no different than Paul would say, I mean this is no different that John would say, 1st epistle of John the 5th chapter and, this is no different. You see the point? Now they say it's an interpolation in one place, well what is it over here? John said there's 3 that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost. And these 3 are 1. Is that right?


DR. KINLEY: Now Paul said, `I pray to God, with the whole soul, body, and spirit.

MAN: 1st Thessalonians 5:23

DR. KINLEY: Thessalonians 5

MAN: 1st Thessalonians 5:23

DR. KINLEY: 1st Thessalonians. Read it please.

MAN: And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly;

DR. KINLEY: And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly;

MAN: and I pray God

DR. KINLEY: and I pray God

MAN: your whole spirit

DR. KINLEY: that your whole spirit

MAN: and soul

DR. KINLEY: and soul

MAN: and body

DR. KINLEY: and body

MAN: be preserved blameless

DR. KINLEY: be preserved blameless

MAN: unto the coming of our Lord

DR. KINLEY: unto the coming of our Lord

MAN: Jesus Christ

DR. KINLEY: Jesus Christ. Now, Dr. Bass, that's your spirit, that's the god part of you. That's your soul, now that's the conscience part. And the body, which is really unconscious, because it's in the mind. Now that's the difference. But the spirit itself, that is God, now that's the god part of a man. That's the reason why before you can even make up your mind before you even get started. There's always somebody talking about, `