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                  The Creation 
In the 1958 video Doctor Kinley states that the creation 
eminates from but abides within the adominal region
Of Elohim. 
This ties in with the unity of the spirit,theirfore Yahweh 
is composed of Spirit,attributes,and matter.Thats what 
makes Him up. 
We theirfore cannot say that Yahweh is One and cannot be  
divided,except for within,How? If the creation was reeled
out of the adominal regional region of Elohim,as Doctor
Kinley put it the attributes were encouched or appeared to 
be within Him. Look at the moses chart,at the cloud 
representing Yahweh. spirit law ,the attributes and the 
material are within the cloud. theirfore Yahweh is 3 fold
and everything that eminates from Him must be a reflection
of that.
You are made in Elohim's image theirfore you must be a 
reflection of Him. with the attributes forming your soul
and your soul and your soul is encouched or appearing within your physical,you have spirit law also.
body. theirfore you are a unity. You have 3 compartments,just 
like the tabernacle does also you have DIVIDING VEILS
dividing your compartments of the head the chest and the 
adominal cavity.I hope everyone understands what I am trying to